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Business Suite Unlocked: Your TechEd Business Suite and S/4HANA Extensibility Curriculum

/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/274659_l_srgb_s_gl_764730.jpgWhat would you do to your existing Business Suite solutions if you could extend them in any way you wanted?

Would you extend their reach to new and mobile users? Evolve to a responsive UI; add fields and customize forms? Translate into additional languages? Implement new variants of business processes? Add a feedback form to your learning map? Add gamification into your Help Desk; introduce a side-by-side app showing actual water flow levels for your utility? Productize entirely new B2E, B2B, or B2C scenarios?

Do you want to know about one of the most relevant technology innovations for business at TechEd 2015?

HANA Cloud Platform product management will be on-hand at TechEd 2015 to answer these questions and help you evolve your career path with a series of sessions on Business Suite and S/4HANA extensibility.

Extensibility:  The Key to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

As SAP customers and developers, you know that using extensions creates a competitive advantage in your respective markets.  To this end, you may be already heavily relying on professional developers and a rich ecosystem partners large and small.  On the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), we continue to add new technologies to increase this flexibility and add value to standard SAP solutions.

Unlocking the Business Suite

Given that the Business Suite is core to SAP and almost all SAP customers, there are several ways that HCP supports writing extensions to Business Suite solutions with, for example, Gateway, Cloud Connector, security services, Cloud Identity, SAPUI5, and Fiori. At TechEd, you’ll be able to formulate a curriculum of all of these extension technologies and more.

Extensibility + Business Suite = S/4HANA Extensibility on HCP

S/4 HANA Extensibility, combining HCP with ABAP technology for on-premise and cloud editions of S/4HANA, will be a major focus topic at TechEd. For a sneak peek inside this new functionality, have a look at this white paper, which details the approach called side-by-side extensibility using HCP and in-app extensibility using key user tools and ABAP. For three additional references, check out:

Start building your curriculum and getting answers to your questions by adding the sessions below to your TechEd agenda today.

Acknowledgements: Huge thanks to Thomas Bieser and Wolfgang Weiss for the help with this content!

Sessions & Speakers Details

DEV101: Extending SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA with SAP HANA Cloud Platform – 1 hr Lecture

Thomas Bieser

Do you want to extend the reach of your SAP Business Suite applications to new and mobile users? Do you want to productize new B2E, B2B, or B2C scenarios? Depending on your preferences, you have different options. Get an overview in this session of how to achieve these objectives with technologies delivered with the upcoming releases of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, as well as how to get them done using SAP HANA Cloud Platform without major modifications to your installed base.

DEV266: Extend the Reach of your SAP Installed Base with SAP HANA Cloud Platform – 2 hr Hands-On

Thomas Bieser

James Wood

Markus Tolksdorf

Learn to extend your SAP installed base to realize new B2E, B2B, and B2C scenarios for mobile users around the globe with SAP HANA Cloud Platform. See how such scenarios can be implemented even if your SAP systems are based on older releases of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. Discover best practices regarding security, connectivity, authentication, authorization, and performance. Get your hands dirty implementing the full stack, from the SAP back end to the mobile front end.

Gateway: INT260 – Develop an End-to-End Integration Scenario with Technology from SAP – 4 hr Hands-On

Andre Fischer

Joerg Singler

John Patterson

Oliver Heinrich

In this session, develop an SAP Fiori-like application end-2-end using the SAP Gateway service builder and SAP Web IDE. As it is done in SAP S/4 HANA, we will let you create an OData service from CDS objects and other datasources. Then generate an SAPUI5-based application using this service. We also show how you can extend service content and operations and how you can debug and optimize the service.

Cloud Security: DEV263 – Cloud Security: Using the Security Services in SAP HANA Cloud Platform – 2 hr Hands-On

Martin Raepple

Milen Manov

Discover new ways to protect your apps running in SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP’s public platform-as-a-service. In this session, develop a full-featured application using the platform’s security services, such as SAML-based single sign-on, SCIM, and the LDAP connector for secure access to an on-premise user store such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD), role- and group-based access control, secure storage of confidential data, and OAuth to protect your application’s REST APIs.

Cloud Identity: SEC163 – Single Sign-On for Cloud Applications with SAP Cloud Identity Service – 2 hr Hands-On

Valentin Ivanov

Mariyan Dichev

Learn how to secure access to cloud solutions from SAP. Understand how to use the SAP Cloud Identity service to configure browser-based single sign-on for popular cloud applications like SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA Cloud Portal, the SAP Cloud for Customer solution, and the SAP Jam social software platform. Get hands-on experience in configuring identity federation scenarios like social sign-on and setting up two-factor authentication to protect your cloud applications.

Web IDE: UX262 – Building SAPUI5 Applications using SAP Web IDE – 4 hr Hands-On

Thomas Marz

Aviad Rivlin

Boris Tsirulnik

Frederic Berg

Join us to learn about building SAPUI5 applications using the latest tools and best practices. Find out how you can structure SAPUI5 applications, wire up the navigation, and automate testing. Create an application from scratch using templates and deploy it to the SAP Fiori launchpad on SAP HANA Cloud Platform – and see how you can do the same with smart templates.

FLP: UX260 – Experience SAP Fiori on SAP HANA Cloud platform – 2 hr Hands-On

Guy Bavly

Ifat Shwartz

Masayuki Sekihara

Aviad Rivlin

SAP Fiori, cloud edition provides a new cloud-based, simple deployment option for SAP Fiori apps, SAP Fiori launchpad, UI theme designer, and more. It runs on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, while consuming business data from customers’ on-premise systems, with minimum disruption. Join this hands-on session to experience SAP Fiori, cloud edition and learn how you can extend predefined SAP Fiori apps and develop new apps that are similar to SAP Fiori in the cloud.

S/4 HANA: TEC208 – Extensibility Concepts for SAP S/4HANA – 1 hr Lecture

Felix Wente

Tobias Stein

In-app extensibility in SAP S/4HANA allows users to add fields, tables, and business logic in an already rich and powerful application. This session shows how SAP HANA Cloud Platform, as the in-¬memory platform-as-a-service, enables customers, partners, and developers to build, extend, and run next-generation applications on SAP HANA in the cloud.

S/4 HANA ABAP Extensibility: DEV105 – Extensibility Framework for SAP S/4HANA: An End-to-End Scenario – 2 hr Lecture

Thomas Schneider

Werner Wolf

Customers expect SAP S/4HANA, with cloud and on-premise editions, to offer simple, modification-free extensibility. Explore the end-to-end process, including the technology behind the scenes, as we show the features of the extensibility framework for SAP S/4HANA, such as how to add new fields; make them available in the UI, gateway services, and CDS views; add business logic with the web-based ABAP editor based on the SAP Fiori user experience; and perform sandbox testing and deployment.

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