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Visual BI Extensions – Sneak Peak

Some people might have recognized as part of our roadmap of Visual BI Extensions that we are working on some very interesting components for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and today I thought I will keep the text short and share some important milestone simply in form of a video.

The video shows a component that will enable you to create responsive dashboards that we are working on as we speak and that will come out soon.

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  • Hi Ingo,

    This is certainly a much needed feature (which I believe is on the SAP Design Studio Roadmap and currently also implemented with the Design Studio SDK Community Flow Layouter Component).

    I have the following questions for clarification:

    1)  Does the DSX Responsive Layout component support only DSX components as children or can it also act as a container for both standard and other non-DSX SDK components?

    2)  From the video, it appears as though the child components need to be a fixed size.  Is there an option for dynamic resizing of the child components?

    3)  When the child components don't fit into the browser window as shown below, is a vertical scrollbar enabled to allow the other components to be displayed?  This isn't clear from the video.





    • Hello Mustafa,

      it seems that you are making the assumptions that the chart components you actually see in Design Studio and later on in the browser are somehow child components of another components - they are not. You don't see the actual component that is responsible for the behaviour in the video.

      All other items will get clarified when we get closer to the release date.


      Ingo Hilgefort, Visual BI

      • Hi Ingo,

        Thanks for the clarification.  I guess I made the assumption that the chart components were children because slide 9 of the DSX Roadmap that you referred to describes the Responsive component as a "Responsive Container".  That being said, I did notice from the Outline panel that the Responsive component was a separate hidden component.

        In any case, I'll look forward to learning more as the release date approaches.



        • The method doesn't really matter to me the technique you use, not going to keep spending time guessing on such a short and limited demonstration video.

          For all I know, without you answering all of Mustafa's questions, it may be something that only applies to your DSX components (or maybe any components, you never answered -- you've only chosen to indirectly address portions of his questions.)

          Good luck on your release!

          • Hello Michael,

            and that was done on purpose so and I explained that all those items will get answered closer to the release.


            Ingo Hilgefort, Visual BI