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Have you ever wondered what your reports sound like?

I know it’s a strange question, one which I suspect not many of you have asked.

There is a way to answer this question though 😎

Download the free Audacity audio editor.

From the File menu select Import>Raw Data:


Choose a file:


Select ‘U-Law’ as the Encoding:


Your setting should look like this:


Channels may be mono or stereo – doesn’t really matter much. Finally click on Import and have a listen to your file. This will work with pretty much anything you throw at it – .wid, .exe, .unv, etc. For instance, here is the waveform for the E-Fashion universe:


Sadly .mp3 and .wav attachments are not allowed here, so you’ll have to try for yourselves 😏 . The results are rarely musical but are nonetheless often quite interesting.

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