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Author's profile photo Raj Kumar Reddy

Email Batch Job spool to multiple users


Send batch job spool to multiple users via email


This can be accomplished 2 ways. One of to have a distribution email ID created by your mail admin or do it in SAP via Distribution groups in Business Workplace. Here we will look at how to get this done using business workplace.

Create the distribution group:

8-7-2015 11-19-06 AM.jpg

1) From your easy access screen click on “Business workplace” icon (or T-Code: SBWP)

2) Click on “Distribution lists” icon

3) Click on “Create group” icon

4) Give a group name and a Title (for our example we will use GROUP1)

5) Click on the selection box for Folder

6) Give a Folder name, Folder Title and click “Create Folder” button

7) In the next screen click on “Check” button

8) You will get a confirmation message in the notification area

8-7-2015 11-23-47 AM.jpg

9) Click on the “Check” button to select the newly created folder

10) Click on SAVE

11) Confirmation that the group is created

12) Click on the “Dist. list contents” tab

13) Enter the email address in the “Recipient” area and select “Recip.Type” to Internet address

14) Click on SAVE

15) Confirmation that the Distribution List is created

Using this distribution list in Batch jobs:

8-7-2015 11-27-57 AM.jpg

1) In either SM36 or SM37 (Change job) click on the “Spool list recipient” button

2) Click on the selection box icon for Recipient

3) Click the “Distribution List” radio button

4 & 5) Click on the check box

8-7-2015 11-28-10 AM.jpg

6) Select the distribution list and click next (7)

8) Check the “Copy” box

9) Finally click on “Copy” button to select this group

8-7-2015 11-29-13 AM.jpg

Hope this document is helpful!



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      Author's profile photo Catie Freres
      Catie Freres

      Is there a way to input SAP user ID/name and have it send to the address on your user profile instead of having to explicitly enter an email address?

      Author's profile photo Raj Kumar Reddy
      Raj Kumar Reddy
      Blog Post Author

      Good Question, unfortunately I did not find a way sending external email using their SAP user id without explicitly entering it.

      Author's profile photo Isidro Hernández
      Isidro Hernández

      Hi everyone.

      I had made these steps and for some weeks i have been receiving my mails correctly but now im receiving 2 mails and 2 spool list with diferent information. Do you know whats happening? 

      Author's profile photo Raj Kumar Reddy
      Raj Kumar Reddy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Isidro,

      Please check in SOST to see if SAP is sending one or two emails, if it is sending only one then you will have to work with your mail admins to investigate further. Also, check if your email is duplicated in the distribution list.

      Hope this helps.



      Author's profile photo Isidro Hernández
      Isidro Hernández

      Hi Raj, thanks for your response.

      I have no access to SOST.

      For the jobs, sap is sending at the same time 2 diferent list such different i mean.

      they are not duplicated on distribution list.


      Author's profile photo Hilton Lok
      Hilton Lok

      Hi Isidro,


      We have the same issue.  Appreciate if you can let me know the solution if it was resolved at your end.




      Author's profile photo Prabhakar reddy Gade
      Prabhakar reddy Gade

      How to add custom Email Body in this case?

      Author's profile photo Raj Kumar Reddy
      Raj Kumar Reddy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Prabhakar,

      Please check with your developer.


      Kind Regards,