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SAP Network Port Arena


In various SAP architectural scenarios, it’s required to activate the accessibility among various applications for which we need to open n number ports. Sometime it’s very difficult to find out exact port details , which leads to unwanted issues and finally it crosses the project execution date. Keeping a thought in my mind to provide all sorts of port information as much I have , I am hereby quoting this document.

Involved Applications :

In following diagram, I am including SAP central instance , application servers, TREX , solution manager, Web Dispatcher , database via various protocols like TCP, HTTP , SNC etc.

Port Arena :

Port Details.JPG

Port : A
HANA 3<HDB instance no.>15 , 3<HDB instance no.>17, 5<HDB instance no.>13
Sybase 4901
Max DB 7210, 7269 & 7270
Port  : B
From CI to Application Server
33<instance no. of AS>
32<instance no. of AS>
Port  : C
From Application Server to CI
33<instance no. of CI>
32<instance no. of CI>
36<ASCS instance no.>

39<ASCS instance no.>

Port  : D
From CI to External SAP Application (RFC)
33<instance no. of AS>
32<instance no. of AS>
Port  : E
From External SAP Application to CI (NFS)
TCP, UDP 2049 , 111   (for UNIX/LINUX)
TCP, UDP 445  (for Windows)  
Port  : F
From WD to CI / AS
81<instance no.>
HTTP Port (eg: 1080)

HTTPS Port (eg: 443)

Port : G

It is completely based on what all RFCs will be used in managed system configuration. based on that respective ports can be opened . In case SNC needs to be enabled then open 48<instance no.> port from source  host to destination .

Port : H

3<TREX instance no.>01
3<TREX instance no.>02
3<TREX instance no.>03
3<TREX instance no.>04
3<TREX instance no.>07
3<TREX instance no.>08
3<TREX instance no.>13

Please help in enriching this document with more details by adding various additional applications. All the above ports are collected based on my recent projects & various helpful links . In case any ambiguity found, please suggest for necessary changes .

Port Details.JPG
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