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New Service for ISV partners for ByD and C4C – Solution Review

A new service will be available mid of August 2015 for ISV partners.

As the pre-condition for posting a solution on SAP Store is a quality check by SAP, an affordable and quick service for all lightweights, mashups and integration solutions (only for integration projects supported by SAP development) towards ByD and C4C will be offered now, called Solution Review. This can help the ISVs to more easily decide on if they want to publish their soluiton on SAP Store or not.

The details about the service are available on the Business Center:

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  • How is this "New" service different from the past reviews to get items on the store? and is the store actually functioning now for partners?

    • Hi William,

      don't get the point on your 2nd question. If you have a certified solution you'll get access to the Store in order to publish it.

      Regarding your 1st question - the Solution Review is much more affordable but as stated already, limited to specific solution types. Please have a look at the details by following the link or get in contact with your PSA for more details. Another difference to the certification is that you won't receive a certification logo usable for these solutions. If this is not necessary and the solution type fits to the requirements than it will be a great possibility for a much cheaper way to publish a solution.


      • My question about functionality is...

        when a Add-In is published to the store currently a customer will just see it there and not actually able to install it and manage updates from the store without interaction from the partner... while this interaction is needed for larger add-ins for smaller ones it is not... Then there is no process to send out updates via the store.  so currently it is more like a catalog than an actual store... If any of this has changed please let me know.

        • That is indeed correct. The SAP Store is a marketing platform for partner solutions for ByD not a distribution channel. There are no plans to change this. Therefore the Solution Review plays a more major role due to the attractive pricing.