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GUIXT script to log into SAP (option for multiple clients as well!)

Hi All,

Attached is the script that I wrote to allow auto login into various SAP clients by simply clicking on the system from SAP logon pad.


GUIXT must be activated

guixt.sjs config file must have a location pointed to a folder on your local PC


  • For SAP systems that have only 1 client
    • Double clicking the system in SAP logon pad will log you into the system skipping the login screen
  • For SAP systems with multiple clients
    • Double clicking the system will take you to the login screen where you can click on the Client push button to continue login
    • Screenshot:

8-6-2015 10-30-36 AM.jpg

Additional Notes:

– Save the attached text file as elogon.sjs to where the scripts are located on your PC. (Check GUIXT.sjs file for script location on your local PC)

– User name and passwords are maintained in the elogon.sjs file… so make sure you understand the security risks!

Once you have saved the file please edit as needed to update your systems and clients (also your user id and passwords), you will need basic scripting skills to update this file!

If you need further assistance please comment.



8-6-2015 10-30-36 AM.jpg
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