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Testing: Test Tools…Part 1 *HTTP *

I’ve written a number of internal documents about testing integration scenarios and thought I would turn these into a series of blogs. Please let me know if you find them useful. Feedback is always appreciated.

I’m going to start with a great little web site I discovered a few months ago. I’d developed an iDoc to REST scenario using the Advantco Rest Adapter.It converted the outbound payload to JSON and I wanted to be able to view what was actually sent. I know the message monitor provides a lot of detail I wanted more. I really wanted to see what the actual post looked like without testing with my partner and bugging them for log files.

After some searching I came across This is a simple service which will record the contents of a POST to a log file which can be viewed. Use the following URL or and execute your request. If you are testing a synchrnous call then the response will contain the log file URL otherwise go to  and browse to the year, month, day, and time of the post.

05-08-2015 17-00-48.jpg

** Remember this is a public service so make sure the data you are sending isn’t confidential.

Blogs in Series

Blog 1: HTTP Post Testing: Test Tools…Part 1 *HTTP *

Blog 2: SFTP Testing: Test Tools…Part 2 * SFTP *

Blog 3: REST  Testing: Test Tools…Part 3 * REST *

Blog 4: SOAP Testing: Test Tools…Part 4 * SOAP *

Blog 5: SOAP Testing: Test Tools…Part 5 * JMeter *

05-08-2015 17-00-48.jpg
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