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Author's profile photo V S BHARGAV MYLAVARAPU

Mass Password Change – SAP Systems

Hi Techies,

Hopefully this document helps you to find out something very interesting which I found as well. But it all depends on the developer intensions and if you are really a code lover then this will be interesting for you. May be I need to find a place/forum for this kind of innovative documents in SAP SCN only for developers. However as far as I know ABAP is the most used programming language so I believe this will reach everyone who uses SAP.

When you are working on multiple development landscapes at the same time and also different SAP Systems like SAP ECC, CRM, XI, Solution Manager etc.. You will need to keep some kind of third party tool or Excel sheet to remember your passwords.

This document explains a simple way on how to get rid of those excel sheets or Microsoft One Notes or any other Tool.

The utility which is attached and explained below helps you keep all your SAP passwords the same, so you effectively only have to remember only one password for all SAP clients!.

Lets see how it works.

Step 1: Firstly, you’re going to have to manually set the password on each system and client to be the same. This is a tedious process, but it is required for the Mass Password Change Utility to work.

Step 2: After step 1, wait one day! Then you can use the Utility. Some companies has a policy that says you can only change your password once a day. Like the one which I am working for now.

How to run the Mass Password Change Utility:

Download the attached two txt files in this Document to a new folder of your choice. And this document is the Read Me

Change the extensions of the files as mentioned below.

For 32 bit versions of Windows: Simply double click “MassPasswordChange.vbs”

For 64 bit versions of Windows: Simply double click “RunMeFor64bitWindows.bat”

How to configure which systems are synchronized

The systems and clients which are processed are contained within the file “MassPasswordChange.vbs”. Right click on the file and select “Edit”:


Scroll down until you see the line “EDIT THE LINES BELOW”:


Here you configure exactly which systems are configured for this utility.  Feel free to change this to suit your needs. Notice there’s one line per system/client combination. Each line should contain the following:

Hostname, System ID, System Number, Client, Logon Language

Systems which are configured to expire passwords

There are a number of systems that are configured to expire passwords. When you encounter the first system that prompts you for a new password, then run the utility to change all passwords. This way you will always stay up to date and all passwords will be the same.

Log file

The utility outputs a log file containing the success/failure of each system where a password change was attempted. This file is called “SAPpasschangelog.txt”. Check this file to see if there were any failures.

Notable tasks and Pre-work:

Here is the last part if you stuck up in the process of STEP2, Attached the two TXT files for you to modify as per your need. In this file I wrote the code of VBS in a Text file however you need to change the extension type to “.vbs”. For Windows 64 bit, it is “.bat”. Sorry again for this tedious pre-work, as SCN is not allowing me to attach “.vbs” or “.bat” files. I believe SCN doubt me too much that I will break their server, though I am just an novice guy in any kind of Hacking.

In the ZIP file once extracted, you will find two notepad documents.

1. Mass Password Change.txt

2. RunMeFor64bitWindows.txt

After extractions, you need to change the extension of file 1 to “.vbs” and file2 to “.bat”

That’s it you are good to go…

Hope this find something to you and please do comment and rate.

Thanks & Regards,


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      Author's profile photo Krzysztof Strakowski
      Krzysztof Strakowski


      where is the .zip file? I'll try your tutorial.




      Author's profile photo Robin Künkels
      Robin Künkels

      Dear Bhargav,


      i've come around this post, which would be the solution for my problem. Every 90 Days I need to login to 19 Systems with 3 different usernames and change the passwords.

      Can you please show me, where download those files?




      Author's profile photo Sandra Rossi
      Sandra Rossi

      If your solution is based on SAP GUI Scripting API (provided with SAP GUI for Windows), it is also required that all SAP systems you log to are configured to accept SAP GUI Scripting.

      NB to Robin Künkels and Krzysztof Strakowski:

      • Note to anybody who asks the files: when the forum and blogs were ported to the new SAP Community platform, attachments were simply removed.
      • You may still ask the author of course, but it's not guaranteed that the author has kept the attachments after all these years...


      Author's profile photo Harish Desai
      Harish Desai

      Hi Bhargav,

      Can you please provide the attachents which are missing now. That would really help.


      Kind Regards,

      Harish Desai