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Introducing the Data Migration Guys

Ever wanted to learn more about how to migrate your data to SAP?

Mike Sanjongco and Frank Densborn, both Product Managers at SAP in different locations, have started their video-blog with episode 1 by introducing the SAP Rapid Data Migration solutions and where to find more information and download these packages.



Interested and want to learn more? Read the data migration blog:

A better way to migrate your SAP data with Rapid Deployment Solutions


Watch all our episodes:

Episode 1: Find more details and how to download the Rapid Data Migration solution packages

Episode 2: Learn about the Rapid data Migration (RDM) methodology and the detailed steps

Episode 3: See how the Rapid Data Migration actually works and understand the architecture

Episode 4: Meet Victoria and Whiskey and learn about the difference between LSMW and RDM

Episode 5: More reasons to use Rapid Data Migration to leap into the SuccessFactors Cloud!

Episode 6: Meet The Data Migration Guys at TechEd 2015 and learn about migrating to S/4HANA

Episode 7: The Data Migration Guys interview the Head of Technology Packaged Solutions at SAP

Episode 8: See the 3 different ways of migrating to SAP S/4HANA including a demo

Episode 9: The Data Migration Guys introduce a new book and an online training with Q&A

Episode 10: The Data Migration Guys introduce a new Data Migration Guy: Chuck

Episode 11: The new Migrating to SAP S/4HANA book is out and TechEd is around the corner


Stay tuned for more episodes to come…



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  • Hi Frank,

    Thanks for all of the support and development for the Data Migration Packaging, it really helps us out!

    Is there and plan in the near future to control user access by lookup table or set of data within a lookup table on the web interface?  Currently, when a user is granted access they have access to everything.  Some clients have expressed an interest/requirement for business units to only have access to lookup tables related to their business unit/area.


  • Hi Frank,

    My customer is the first S/4 Hana Implementation in HEC in Australia. I have been struggling to find mapping templates for Bank Master, Assets Master, Open Purchase Orders, Contracts, Open Vendor AP.

    I have downloaded the Data Migration Package, but those templates are not there. Do I need an special licence to get the mapping content.

    Best Regards:

    Luis Lara.

    Capgemini Data Migration Lead.

      • Hi Micheal, Our client is getting S/4 hana on a HEC instance. They are getting Business Object Intelligence 4.1, but is not a full Data Services license, so I’m the Data Migration Lead. To my understanding, there is a possibility to use a “Basic Integrator” capability. See Note 2287723. "1. Base: Data Integrator SAP S/4HANA customers have access to a basic Data Integrator license key that comes with the underlying SAP HANA license (HANA REAB or HANA Enterprise). This key code applied to SAP Data Services provides full ETL functionalities (Extract, Transform, Load). Thus, it replaces a mapping and load tool like LSMW with the Rapid Data Migration content. With this basic data load functionality of SAP Data Services and together with the Rapid Data Migration content, legacy data can be loaded into SAP S/4HANA (on premise) including data validation but without further Data Quality (de-duplication, data cleansing) and reporting capabilities. For this use case with the aforementioned functionality, SAP Data Services is free of charge and there is no additional cost." My questions are: 1) How we get started with the Base Data Integrator? Do we have to follow the same document (Quick Data Migration Guide). 2) Where I found the mapping templates, because I have download the Rapid Data Migration package. It came with a lot of information about how to migrate the most common objects (which is great), but the documents always refer to mapping sheets that are not there. I have check it up the note 2239701 as well and all the links point out to the same place where I download the data migration package. Thanks again for your help. Luis Lara.

        • Hi Luis,

          Your client has to request for the Data Services/Data Integrator license associated with the REAB. You'll find the instructions in support portal:

          Keys, Systems & Installations | SAP Support Portal

          If you followed the instructions in the SAP Note:

          -> Installation and Upgrades

          -> Browse our download catalog

          -> SAP Rapid Deployment solutions

          -> rapid data migration for SAP S/4HANA, on premise edition

          --> RDM_S4H_OP_CONTENT 1.0

          --> SAP RDS MIGRATION SERVICES V1 (Migration Services Tool)

          You should have the following folder in the zip file:

          • BI Platform
          • Data Services
          • Templates - This is where you'll find the templates (Templates\Migration_S4HANA\IDoc Mapping Templates)

          Hope this helps.



  • Hi,

    we are migrating the customer masters data from ecc to hana from sap bods(data service designer), as we downloaded the standard packages from sap market place , when we try to import the ATL files present in package in to BODS system,it asks for password,Could you tell me which password is to be given for the ATL file to import from Rapid data migration package from sap market place. please reach me to for private message if needed.



    • Hi Hari,

      There is no password (blank), please just hit enter or click ok. Password should be left blank as also stated in the documentation. Did you download the docu package on the Service Marketplace, too? Also, please check out all the content attached to the associated SAP note.



  • Hello Frank,

    how do we handle mass change requests in Migration cockpit ? Incase if there are more than 20,000 customers sales data in which delivering plant and some other fields need to be changed in mass. How can we achieve this using Migration cockpit ?


    thanks in advance for your response !


    Kind regards,