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Terminations on BEx Queries due to missing/inconsistent logical indexes on SAP HANA

Hi BEx Community,

When consuming a BEx Query (or even a BW Infoprovider directly) or reading characteristic values (F4 value help) you might face error messages like the ones below. These terminations are propagated to all front-ends that consume the services described above, such as Web Intelligence (WebI) and other BO tools, Bex Analyzer, Analysis for Office (AO), Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), Java Portal and many others.

Sometimes the error message received can differ a little from the ones below or, depending on the front-end message handling, the error message is not displayed very clearly. In the second case I recommend you to test the corresponding query on RSRT transaction (HTML mode) to get a clear view of the error message.

PS.: If you are using an InfoProvider instead of a BEx Query, you can execute the InfoProvider default query on RSRT by using the schema <infoprovider>/!<infoprovider>. E.g.: For a infoprovider called ZTEST, enter ZTEST/!ZTEST as query technical name.

PS2.: If transaction RSRT cannot be used for any reason, I recommend you to collect a RSTT trace. Then play the trace afterwards and you should get clear messages. More information at: 1925924 – How to enable RSTT Trace in SAP BW for Frontend Tool(SAP BI & 3rd-party Tools)

Some of the error messages that indicate this sort of issue are the following ones:


“Error (#901) Error 2,949 has occurred in the BW/SAP HANA server”

“Error initializing joins: Could not handle join condition..”

“Error 2.999 has occurred in the BWA/SAP HANA server”

“Error 2.991 has occurred in the BWA/SAP HANA server”

“table config for index …en is not valid”

“Error reading the data of InfoProvider …$X”

These errors are due to missing or inconsistent column views (also known as a “logical index”) in SAP Hana database.

In the SAP HANA database, each InfoCube has a corresponding column view for the performance-optimized reading of data records. The same applies to DataStores with “SID Flag” (SID generation during activation), to master data providers, and to InfoObject value helps.

In most cases, the symptoms described occur because the relevant column views are missing in the database. However, you do not know or you cannot reproduce why the column view is missing or was deleted.

The solution for most of these cases is to execute report RSDDB_LOGINDEX_CREATE in order to (re)create the logical index for affected object. In below image you can see objects types you can run this program (taken from a SAP BW 7.4 system).

01-08-2015 14-07-35.jpg

Please find full details on SAP note:

1656582 – Query terminations – InfoCubes, DSOs, master data in HANA DB

Hope this helps.

Eduardo Provenzano

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01-08-2015 14-07-35.jpg
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  • Hi Eduado,

    Not able to run this program for Composite Provider.
    It says:

    Object OBJ_TYPE HCPR not found

    Message No. RS_EXCEPTION111

    Were you able to run it for CP? Or did you come across such message?
    All reagards

    • Hi Aparajit,

      I tested in my system and it went fine.

      I'm not quite sure but SAP note 1967624 might help.

      If you test it, let us know the result you get.



    • Hi Aparajit,

      You can run the program for every object which form the Composite Provider.

      In my case 5 DSOs and 2 Infocubes.

      In this way the issue was fixed.

      Best regards,


  • Hi,

    I have not seen any explanation WHY it happens.I have not seen any confirmation that it fix issue permanently.

    Program mentioned is part of post migration step, i believe it is started after migration DB to HANA. Why to run this one again and again and...?



    • Hi Dominik,

      the idea is not to run this program again and again.

      If you are facing this issue quite often, please report an incident on HAN-DB-ENG-BW component.



      • Hi,

        Ticket is registered (or will be soon), but I already see reponse from SAP 1. line.: How can I recreated error? Which obviously lead to question how long should I (or rather my customers) have to wait for fixing it? I am pretty sure it is visible in HANA Logs, EWA? Is it hardware specific? Only related to migrated systems (from other DBs) ? Any system parameters?



  • When running it for an FBPA Open ODS View, get following error:

    If run query, gives error:

    Inconsistent calculation model;calculationNode (W1):ColumnTable SAPBWP:/BIC/ETSDOO48 not found (cannot get catalog object)/[Request Info: Object ...

    Error Name = "SAPBWP"."0BW:BIA:TSDOO48", FM Name = TREX_DBS_AGGREGATE]

    Error Error 34.011 has occurred in the BWA/SAP HANA server

    Error Error reading the data of InfoProvider TSDOO48$X

    Error Error while reading data; navigation is possible

    Information CL_RSDRH_TREX_STORAGE >> Row: Inc: 79 Prog: MAP_TREX_EXCEPTION

    looking into notes and SDN but withou luck so far.

    BI 740 SP14

    Many thanks

  • Any one have found the permanence solution? To run RSDDB_LOGINDEX_CREATE only fixed one, ย when i try to add a new InfoObject in the same Infoprovide, issue will be occur again.

    Many Thanks.