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Pre requisite

You should have a SMS Provider like Sybase that would actually take care of the Messaging

How to set up SMS workflow (done by the Administrator)

1) Set up the SMS Channel

    1. Enable Messaging in Scoping

Scoping element:  Sales  -> Account and Activity Management -> Activity Management .
Question: Do you want to record messaging activity?

b. Request Gateway Provider (eg Sybase) to give the Endpoint URL for Outbound SMS.

c. Go to Administrator -> Business Flexibility ->  Mashup Web Services .. Create a Mash up web service to integrate to the SMS provider


2) Create Workflow Rules: Go to Administrator->Workflow Rules. Set up a Workflow Rule as usual. In the Actions tab, select “Messaging” and the parameters as explained below


3) Testing: Test by triggering the workflow. The mobile number to which the SMS is to be sent is taken from the Mobile number defined in the Employeeconfiguration.



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  1. Former Member


    I want to ask about Authentication method – I need to create some technical user and generate a password for tchem in C4C? If yes, where I can create a technical user?



      1. Former Member

        Ok, so one mor question: I should create a business user or service agent for that case? Because as I know, I need to create an employee if I want to have a business user.



        1. Geetha A R Post author

          HI Ewa,

          Here I assume, you are talking of the Basic Authentication in the Mash Up Web Service for the SMS Provider.

          Here you would have to provide the User Name and password of the SMS Provider and not of C4C.

          Please have a look at the documentation for Configuring SMS channels

          For SMS Workflow, it is Outbound Channel that needs to be set up, ie. the Mashup Webservice has to be set up.

          For Inbound SMS, like Tickets, the Communication System and Communication Arrangement with the relevant service must be set up. If Basic Authentication is used in the Communication Arrangement, the User is generated.



  2. Former Member

    Hi Geetha,

    For inbound SMS, CTI integration is necessary? As in a telephony system should be in place? Or just a SMS Gateway provider will suffice my requirement of reading the data from an inbound SMS? (Reading of SMS for Lead Generation)


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