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SAP Learning Hub News – July Update

Welcome to our July round up of what’s new in SAP Learning Hub. Each month we will be advising you of the latest news, features and updates concerning SAP Learning Hub.  If you missed last month’s update, you can find it here:

SAP Learning Hub News – June Update

SAP Live Access – New Improvements and Courses

The SAP Live Access environment’s user interface and course offering has continued to develop. Interface enhancements include more straightforward navigation icons, system access details in the catalog view, improved sorting and filtering, a user-initiated deletion option to handle deployment failures, and more.
The courses with which system access is available is increasing continuously. From the SAP HANA® platform to the SAP Transportation Management application, the SAP Product Lifecycle Management application, and so much more, we’ve got it! Look for new additions in the SAP Live Access portal.

SAP Learning Hub, Discovery Edition – Simple Sign-Up

We have simplified the signup process to encourage more people to take a look around the discovery edition of SAP Learning Hub. With access to more than 100 course handbooks and e-learning titles, learning rooms, experience programs, SAP Knowledge Acceleration software, and more, it is easier than ever to sign up today to discover the value of SAP Learning Hub. If you are enjoying your SAP Learning Hub experience and want to show others, simply direct them to SAP Learning Hub and encourage them to Discover for Free.

New Courses Available for SAP Learning Hub, Student Edition

Approximately 60 new courses across 15 different solutions are now available for the student edition of SAP Learning Hub. Updated solutions range from project management to design thinking, data warehousing, and far more. Check out the complete list of titles available here and find out what’s new for you.

SAP Innovations Learning Room Open in August

This learning room is open for professional users to learn and practice the SAP Best Practices implementation experience in order to jump-start implementation projects and deploy SAP innovations in a fast, simple, and flexible way. In the SAP Innovations Learning Room, you can become familiar with the proven SAP Best Practices packages and with SAP’s unique implementation methodology. Together they ensure predictable and high-quality results for all deployment options – in the cloud, on premise, or hybrid.

Bookboon and SAP Learning Hub – A Growing Partnership

The cooperation between SAP Learning Hub and has continued to flourish. Several weeks ago, SAP Learning Hub users downloaded a record-breaking 2,600 titles in one week.

Some of the most popular titles include Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and English Grammar for Economics and Business and Improve Your Writing Skills.

Bookboon titles are free to download for all SAP Learning Hub subscribers (except for discovery edition subscribers) and can be accessed through the dedicated tile on the home space. Take advantage of these additional learning opportunities.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please don’t hesitate to reply below and don’t forget you can access additional information and access old news stories on the SAP Learning Hub News site

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  • Hi Rob - thank you for this

    I am a Learning Hub subscriber and cannot locate the BookBoon link on the home tab; I tried submitting a ticket to ask but the system just "hangs".  What do you suggest?

    Thank you,


  • Good job on simplifying the access to the free Discovery edition (it was a pain in the back before). But there is a bit of a problem - I didn't finish the process because it asked me to check the checkbox that I've read the privacy statement and the corresponding link leads to the text in German: SAP Learning Hubs Privacy Statement

    Usually I prefer to understand what I'm signing up for, although I might be a minority. 🙂

    • Hi Jelena

      It links to English for me, it probably depends on the country you are accessing the SAP Training & Certification Shop from.

      However there is a tab at the of the page that should let you toggle between English and German. If that's not the case, please let me know the URL of the page you are directed to and I will ask our Support team to investigate.



      • Tried again (this time in IE) - nope, still in German. I used the link in your blog (it correctly showed US as the country) and from there clicked Discover for Free. It didn't recognize my certificate automatically, so I had to click on Log In. Then it thanked me for registering and after clicking 'Access SAP Learning Hub' a pop-up appears with T&C and additional link to the privacy statement (URL in the comment above).

        Don't see any tabs to change the language either in the T&C or privacy statement pop-ups...

        If you want me to send you the screenshots - my email is in the profile.

        • Hi Jelena

          Thanks for the info. Sounds like you are taking a slightly different step to me, Log In vs Create User Account. The link you 'should' get to is: Privacy | SAP

          Sounds like something is set up wrong so your offer of screenshots would be much appreciated, I'll drop you an email.

          Many thanks


  • Hi,

    I am facing issues when trying to enter into a flipbook from my iPad from SuccessFactors app.

    I am already registered under the Mobile section and though, able to enter into the application. Once I try to open any flipbook, I am first requested to enter the SAP credentials and then, when clicking over the title of the flipbook that I want to use, I get a message which says "The server has not found anything matching this request. (404 - Not found)".

    Could somebody help me on this?

    Thanks and regards.