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Fiori Stars 1.0 was welcomed with warm reception with 275+ developers using it and more developers installing it everyday.

Meanwhile, 2.0 brings many more enhancements and wanted to share the new features through this blog.

Here is the extension if you want to install it now. Fiori Stars – Chrome Web Store

Feature 1. Sniff data requests. OData and HANA requests that are called will be displayed as notifications.This will enable you to quickly view the requests without opening F12. Also this will show only OData services, so that you do not have to look into huge number of other calls to identify data calls.



Feature 2. Clear Cache . You can easily clear cache from here. You do not have to search from Chrome’s tools.


Feature 3. You can see the UI5 library version here right away. Fiori has added this feature lately. But this feature can be useful for other UI5 applications.

Feature 4. Quick view of SAP Notes

Select any SAP Note, right click and you have an option to go to SAP Note link directly.


Feature 5. Whenever I assign many roles to users especially in Dev/QA systems, it was confusing to understand which tiles are coming from which group. I always wanted to know the Group ID. (Technical name). So here it is


Feature 6. One small feature to show target URL for tiles


Hope it is useful.

Also let me know any new feature you think that would be very helpful.

By the way what is your favourite feature? 🙂

Update: 09/24/2015: Today the OpenUI5 team released a similar Chrome Extension. 🙂

SAP/ui5-inspector · GitHub

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  1. Ekansh Saxena

    Hi Krishna,

    Kudos for your efforts 🙂 .

    I like: OData Sniff part.

    I wish: I could open the OData request in new tab when I click the sniffed network call.

    Issue: When I explore the control which is placed at the right side of the screen, the name of the control gets out of the visible screen area.



  2. Tejas Chouhan

    Most of the features are useful. 🙂

    One issue i faced. While entering any tile. Sniffing odata, I get the odata responses. But after 2-5secs all disappears.

    May be this is already known issue. But a very user friendly addon.



      1. Tejas Chouhan

        For the current operation if it stays there, it would be great. So that user can also click and execute the odata call, so as to minimize  use of Inspect element option (Just my view) 🙂

  3. Former Member

    Hi Krishna,

       Good one. Is there any way to copy the URL of the Odata service. I wanted to do that but could not. You can note this requirement for next release. This also helps in addressing the expiry time of the notifications.



  4. Abdulbasit Gulsen


    Thanks for sharing.

    One bug I’ve found: I’ve applied hotfix to my UI5 component and upgraded UI5 version from 1.24.1 to 1.26.7. However, plugin still shows the old version even I’ve restarted my computer. F12 developer tools shows the correct version.

    One feature request: Is it possible to add feature that highlights the views on the screen. I’ve a complex application navigating between several views and sometimes I need to find the current view(s) on the screen.



    1. Krishna Kishor Kammaje Post author

      Thanks Abdul. I will consider this feature request.

      Can you go to console and find out what you get with

      sap.ui.getVersionInfo().version  ?

      Also how are you finding the UI5 version in F12?

  5. Former Member

    Hello Guys ,

    I have one question is that , how can we know that the launchpad where we are working on ,does it support Fiori 2.0 features ?

    like according to feature 6 , while doing mouse over i am not able to see the tile url. so does it mean that the launchpad where i am working on , it doesn’t support fiori 2.0 features or apps ?



  6. Former Member

    HI Krishna

    Sounds interesting.

    I have installed the extension but not it is troubling me at start. My UI5 version is 1.32 and i see below errors when i click on Fiori Star Icon. These are the errors i see consistently in multiple attempts.

    http://localhost:8080/myapp/resources/sap-ui-version.json 404 (Not Found)

    Uncaught Error: resource sap-ui-version.json could not be loaded from resources/sap-ui-version.json. Check for ‘file not found’ or parse errors. Reason: Not Found

    2016-01-29 11:39:02.903000 adding element with duplicate id ‘controls’ –

    Uncaught Error: Error: adding element with duplicate id ‘controls’

    2016-01-29 11:39:04.650000 adding element with duplicate id ‘OData’ –

    Uncaught Error: Error: adding element with duplicate id ‘OData’

    Hope to use it soon.


    1. Former Member

      Ok, it is working for applications deployed in ABAP Environment.

      The extension is not working for application which is deployed on Java Web Tomcat Server coming from HCP.

      What is this dependency that stops your extension stops working on UI5 apps running in non-ABAP systems?

      Anyhow, it is a nice work. I am still yet to explore.



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