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Document Generation in Employee Central

Dear All,

after being away from SCN for so long, I am back. Eager to share with you another cool feature that we deliver in 1508 – Document Generation in Employee Central.


Phil’s initial blog already mentioned about the initial thought process that went into designing this solution. As mentioned, although Document Generation was supported via partner solutions, there was always ask from customers to provide this feature natively in Employee Central. Yes, we heard you and here we are.


With release 1508 we release the basic version of “Document Generation” for the HR Administrators. It is available as an opt-in feature under provisioning. Once provisioned, appropriate access given and basic configuration done, the activities are available in Admin Center and will allow HR Administrators to create a document for employees as of today. For example, Address proof, service experience document, certification of employment, Letter of reference etc.





1) Manage Document Template: In this step administrator can perform the CRUD operations for a document template. Please specify the parameters like template name, description, country, language etc. In the template document, you can specify the text of the letter along with placeholders for the actual data like employee name, manager name, current date and so on.



2) Manage Document Template Mapping: In this step administrator can perform mapping of placeholders with actual data fields. Say for example, if a placeholder [[empname]] was defined for Employee name. It can be mapped to Personal Information -> Formal Name.


There are 2 types of mappings available – direct and calculated binding. Direct is as the name suggests, used for direct mapping to hris fields. For calculated binding, it is to be used when a value cannot be directly determined and needs to be calculated instead. For example – age, years of experience etc.


3) Generate Document: In this step administrator can choose the template, language and the user for which the document needs to be generated. And can download to his computer or email to user’s email.





Eager to hear back from you as always. For more details, please reach out.


Best Regards,


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  • I love it.

    So, you say, this is the light version - does this imply we can expect a "heavier" version?

    I understand it is picking data as of the current date, right? Good start, but I think it would need to be able to fully access effective dated data.

    A typical case:

    You would change compensation or capture a promotion effective dated into the future, but you'd want to send the respective letter today.

    No moaning - I love what you did - just pointing towards possible next steps.

    • HI Sven,

      thanks. Yes we have the other dates handling in our roadmap and we work on enhancing the solution with more features. Keep watching this space.

      Best Regards,


      • sure I will.
        We currently develop an HRIS roadmap for a customer and there are still a few points that might shift the balance towards on premise core HCM (cost and lack of personnel cost planning features in EC being 2) for the next 5 years. If EC can make 3rd party document generation unnecessary, this may help tipping the balance the other way.

    • Hi Maxime,

      Thanks for your interest!  Where MDF fields are also available via the data model hris elements, these can also be used for letter generation.  Pure MDF object support is on our roadmap.

      Best regards,


  • Without even making much noise about it, we have 3 customers asking for this functionality, and setting this up in a EC demo instance took me no more than about an hour from start to finish this morning 🙂

    Best regards


  • Thanks for Info.

    We have requirements of letter generation on change / adding of allowances. For example, if CCA (City Compensatory Allowance) changes because of Location changes, Customer wants a letter to be generated for Location change reflecting the allowance change also. Is it possible?.


    • Event-driven changes are on our product roadmap. With the current release, it is possible for the HR Administrator to generate a letter reflecting the actual, current information concerning the employee, i.e. you could create a letter after the location has changed to inform the employee his/her current status.

      Best regards,


  • Thanks for sharing much useful information , I quickly configured it and able to generate the documents. PDF output is really nice.

    One question, can we restrict the target population of  user from generating the document . It seems to be now if a user has access to "Generate Document" , he/she is able to generate document for anyone in the system.

    • Thank you.

      About restricting the population, we are controlling based on RBP, so if one doesn't have access to any employee's data, he is not allowed to generate document.

      • Thanks Priyanka for your very quick response.

        let me ask you one follow up question on that one, please.

        Can such letter generation be made available as a self service? E.g. if employee needs an 'employment certificate', he/she could generate the pre-defined letter him/herself instead of submitting a request to HR to get this letter created and send back?



  • 2 clarifications:

    1. Is there a list of placeholders that can be used, and any limitations on selected placeholders?

    2. Any control on the email recipient ie. who to email the generated doc


    • Hello Keng,

      1. for placeholders, you create your own placeholders and map it later with actual hris fields.

      2. email is sent at the moment to business email of employee.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Priyanka

    We've been presenting the document generator to one of our existing clients, and I'd like to give you some of their feedback directly. Two main points:

    1) The documents should be stored in the employee profile for reference. That's on your roadmap, but I thought I'd mention to you that as an important feature.

    2) There was a request to set up dynamic content, so that if a person has a certain value registered, specific text may be generated. If for example, a given benefit is registered in the employee profile (say, as a boolean or picklist), a piece of text is generated in the document.

    Now, as I put more thought into this: would you be able to create this by having calculated mapping triggering a business rule to generate a text string directly in the document?

    Thanks for getting the implementation guide ready, by the way.

    Best regards


    • Hello Kristian,

      thanks again.

      Yes storage is on roadmap. About your other requirement, it should be possible already for EC field. As mentioned in guide for example if an employee's gender is male, insert pronoun as he/his, while for female insert she/her. The same approach can be used for bigger text.

      Best Regards,


  • Hello.

    Can someone help me with the following mistake

    When new configuration UI for object DocumentGenerationTemplate and try delete unwanted fields, such as template ID, Effective start date, Tokens, Workflow ID and mapping documents and save appears the following mistake that attachment.

    Manage Configuration UI.PNG

    Manage Configuration UI.PNG
    • Hello Guadalupe,

      effective date, template ID, Tokens are essential fields. Please don't delete them. I would rather suggest to use the config UI delivered by standard .



  • Hello

    Can someone help me with the following mistake

    When new configuration UI for object DocumentGenerationTemplate and try  delete unwanted fields, such as template ID, Effective start date, tokens, Worklow ID and mapping documents and save appears the following mistake "meta is a required field/association in object ConfigUIMeta"



  • Priyanka, question in the documents it will be possible to add any type of image. e.g. an employee photo? lets say we try to generate an ID Card format, with the general info of the employee and his photograph.


    • Hello Carlos,

      the template is common for legal entity and image usually referred here would be company logo. At the moment dynamically picking up each employee's photo will not be possible.

      Best Regards,


  • Hello there Priyanka,

    My organization would be adopting Success Factors Employee Central in a few months and would like to educate our employees on what Employee Central is.

    Specifically, we would like to utilize an analogy to describe Employee Central.

    I was thinking of comparing Employee Central with the heart that is essential for the functioning of the other body parts.

    May I seek your assistance in improving this analogy or suggesting a better one perhaps.

    Best regards,


    • Thanks Shalini. Good to know that your organization would be adopting SuccessFactors Employee Central. As you know , It is the global system of record brought to you on cloud across geographies, legal entities, cost centers etc. Additionally it is the core HRMS system closely integrated with other cloud based solutions like learning, performance management, recruiting etc. So employees can use self-service scenarios on cloud, also can use social collaboration tools, or can use the Mobile apps to interact with system. Managers can perform MSS scenarios. HR heads could see key analytics figures, built in metrices and dashboards. So a system for everyone based on their role. Hope it helps you.

  • Hi all,

    it is perfect that starting with b1602 documents can also be created by employee or manager via self service.

    Which further enhancements are planned for 2016? Would be perfect to have an overview.

    Some ideas: mass creation, automatic creation linked to certain triggers - like event reasons or certain datafields, different stationary for different legal entities, text blocks linked to Business Rules,...

    Thanks for an update.



  • I need to generate Promotion Letter with the following data.

    Minimum Pay

    Maximum Pay

    Mid Point

    I am unable to directly map Base Object 'Pay Range' through Document Generation Mapping. Hence I created a rule to set these values and mapped the rule back in Document Generation Mapping. However when I try to generate the document I receive the error message, "You do not have permission for the following Placeholders". I am using the system as the Super Admin with access to all FO.

    Has anyone else faced this issue before? Is there any restriction that we cannot use Parameter 'Pay Range' or any Model Objects when creating a rule with Base Object 'Document Mapping Rule Result'?