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Upload and download Code Inspector variants via XML

Code Inspector variants are technically saved as ABAP programs using data clusters,/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/variant_760590.png

This makes it difficult to move the data between systems, and tell what exactly the variant contains without installing it. The project tries to address this issue by allowing upload and download of Code Inspector variants in XML format. It analyzes the ABAP code inside each check to determine the structure of the check settings and exports it to XML, the checks must  use class attributes with direct data dictionary for this to work, most of the checks use this approach, but expect errors and bugs in the program.

Start the program via report ZUPDOWNCI,


and enter the variant, this will upload or download the variant to the frontend PC. Leave username blank for global variants.

Downloaded XML files will look like the following,


Upload will show a log for the imported check variant. The check variant will be created if it does not exist, and add additional settings to existing check variant if the check version in the XML matches the check version in the system.


Project page:

Issue list:

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  • Hi Lars,

    I love this idea with the XML.

    I just wonder if instead of ZUPDOWNCI, wouldn't it be possible to use the saplink framework?



    • Hi,

      Are you thinking about the distribution of the ZUPDOWNCI program, or adding code inspector variant as a plugin in saplink?

        • hmm, I dont think there is an object type(TADIR-OBJECT) for code inspector variants. The variants are saved as PROG programs, along with some TABU contents, so it might be possible via existing plugins, though only in "data cluster" format.

          • Thanks for checking it! You're right, I didn't think of the TADIR entry.

            I just checked the ZSAPLINK* classes in our system, but couldn't find one for variants. Maybe we have an older version. I'll check if there is any plugin for variants.


          • Unfortunately I have to authorization to test this in our system (and authorization check was implemented quite tricky way in SCI, so it's difficult to fool it even with debug and replace), but I think your approach would work. ZSAPLINK_TABLE_CONTENTS should do the job.