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Universe Creation on HANA View using Information Design Tool

Hello Everyone,

In this document I am going to explain you how to create universe on Analytic View/Calculation View using “Information Design Tool” of SAP Business Objects

This includes below major tasks

  1. Create new project in IDT
  2. Create Relation Connection to HANA
  3. Publish the connection to Repository
  4. Create Data Foundation
  5. Create Business Layer (Universe)
  6. Publish the Universe to Repository

To create the new project in IDT, click on ‘Create’ and select “Project”.

Give the Name of the Project and click on ‘Finish’

Now right click on project and select ‘Relational Connection’

Give the Connection Name and Click on ‘Next’.

Select the driver as “SAP” >> SAP HANA >> JDBC Driver

Now click on ‘Next’ to proceed further.

Provide the connection parameters as below and click on ‘Test Connection’.

We should have .cns(Secured) connection to publish the universe to Repository.

Once we publish this .cnx connection to repository, we will get .cns connection.

Right Click on the connection and select ‘Publish Connection to Repository’

Provide the BO Connection Parameters (Repository, Username and Password) and click on “next’

Select the folder in which you want to publish this connection and click on ‘Finish’

Click on ‘Yes’ to create short cut for .cns connection under our project in IDT.

Now right click on Project >> New >> Data Foundation

Provide “Data Foundation Technical Name” and click on ‘Next’.

One of the new feature available in IDT is we can create universe on multiple sources also. In our scenario, as the source is single system (HANA) select single and click on ‘Next’

In the next screen you will get the list available connection to create universe (Both .cnx and .cns).

If you select .cnx connection, you can not publish the universe to Repository (can be used as local universe)

If you select .cns (secured) connection, you can publish the universe to Repository.

In the middle screen you will have the HANA system connected and the list or users and associated tables. The USER to which you have connected will be highlighted with “Bold letters”.

For the models we create in HANA, the columns views will be under “SYS_BIC” Schema.

Now drill down the schema “SYS_BIC” and double click on column view “hana-training/AN_SALES_DETAILS

Note: Naming Convention of column view is “<package_name>/<analytic_view>

We can also create Data Foundation on more than one column views also. In such cases we have to define the joining conditions between the selected views.

click on ‘save’ to save the data foundation.

Create Business Layer:

Right click on Project >> New Business Layer

Select the Connection as Relational Connection (type your .cns connection) and click on ‘Next’

Mention the technical name and click on ‘next’.

In the screen we have to select Data Foundation on which you want to create Business Layer. Then click on finish.

Note: Remove the check for ‘Automatically create folders and objects’

We have to decide which fields need to work as dimensions (Attributes/Characteristics) and which has to work as Measures (Key Figures).

To give better look to the universe, create one folder for ‘Dimensions’ and one for ‘Measures’.

Right click on the business layer >> New >> Folder

Now drag and drop the attributes into Dimension folder and measures into measure folder.

By default, measure also will be work as attributes. Right click on each measure >> turn into measures with aggregation >> select the aggregation.

BLX should be saved.

Publish universe to the Repository:

Right click on Business layer >> Publish >> to Repository

Integrity check can be done here before you publish the universe. Warnings can be ignored

Click on ‘next’ and select the folder in which you want to publish your universe and click on finish.

You will get popup as shown above means your universe has been published successfully to repository.

Now you can use this universe in the reporting tools to design the reports.

Hope this document helps

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice doc for HANA bigners,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Good Document for Universe creation on top of HANA DB

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Is it necessary / important to have all the fields of HANA calculation view in universe?  Will performance improve if we build the universe by picking only the columns required??

      Author's profile photo Shankar Choudary
      Shankar Choudary
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Balaji,

      As per the reporting requirements we can take necessary columns for Building the universe, it will also improve the performance of  the universe.