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PowerDesigner 16.5.5 glossary issue and workaround

There is a known issue about the PowerDesigner 16.5.5 Glossary usage where the customer has 1000’s of Terms and the Autocompletion turned on which causes the product to hang. This has been reported to Engineering and is currently being reviewed. But if you fit this criteria here is a work-around for the time being.

This is a scenario

  • Open a model, go to Tools->Model Options. Select Naming Convention.
  • Check “Enable glossary for autocompletion and compliance checking”. Also check “Enable name/code conversions”
  • Click  Name To Code tab,  select glossary terms in Conversion table.
  • Now open an object’s property, try to apply glossary for its name and code.
  • After a few tries,  Windows starts to decrease performance and  PowerDesigner  eventually crashes.

When waiting for the fix,  I write a small program to workaround the issue.

The tool  connects to PowerDesigner client and loads whole glossary. Then does conversion work locally.

When user hits Enter key, the result will show up in PowerDesigner.

You need start PowerDesigner client. Make sure glossary is available.

Open a model. Go to Tools->Model Options.

In Naming Convention, disable  “Enable glossary for autocompletion and compliance checking”.

Start the tool. It starts to load glossary terms. In my case, it takes 40 seconds to load 4000+ terms.

When the tool’s window shows up, do the following:


1) Open an object’s property in PowerDesigner. For example, open a table’s property, click General tab. you see Name: and Code:  field.

2) Set focus on the tools’ Name field, type word. Use UP and Down arrow key or Mouse to scroll up/down the word list.

3) Once finish type, hit Enter.

The result will show up in PowerDesigner’s object property sheet.

Hit Control key to copy name and code from PowerDesigner’s object property sheet.

Hit F1 key to empty name and code field in the tool.

Attached is the tools. Please rename to .exe after download.


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