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One way to mass add BP role to business partners

In response to a post (Re: Mass add BP role to BP), here’s how I worked out my LSMW to add a role to a list of Busines partners.

This post does not explain how LSMW works and how it should be done. Just some details of how you can do it. There are plenty of posts about LSMW.


I used a LSMW because I wasn’t able to use the following alternatives (or find any other alternatives):

1. tcode MASS(D): could only modify, not able to add new records –> unsuitable.

2. BAPI_BUPA_ROLE_ADD_2:      (tcode se37) could only modify, not able to add new records –> unsuitable.

step 1 – Settings of transaction BP:


step 2 – create recording and configure LSMW steps and prepare file that needs to be processed.

create LSMW recording: step by step opening transaction BP, put the BP in edit mode, select the role via the dropdown box, save the changes.

configure LSMW

prepare file that needs to be processed.


Hope this helps. Feedback is most welcome since I just started blogging.

Kindest regards,


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  • You can easly do that using LSMW and XIF interfaces, no abap is required, I wouldn't use screen recording as standard GUI transactions for users are not supported by SAP anymore. You can find some information how to upload BPs using LSMW and XIF.



  • Honestly don't use BDC with CRM it's not supported period.  You shouldn't be even using transaction BP if you are on a CRM release higher than 5.0 as the dialog transactions are not supported by SAP.

    You can use the LSMW with the inbound XIF idoc adapter.  It's a pretty straight forward and well documented process.  You can search SCN for better details. 

    Then again I have been recommending people using XIF with SAP CRM on SCN since 2005 so I'm slightly biased.

    Take care,