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C4C10 certification – My experience!

Today, I have reached a milestone that I ‘ve been chasing for the last months, today I have cleared my first C4C related certification (C_C4C10_2015 – SAP Certified Application Consultant – SAP Cloud for Customer)

The aim of this blog is to answer some questions that could be on others mind willing to get C4C certification so hope it helps

Administrative steps

For understanding how to sign up to Certification Hub and getting a certification appointment, I would strongly recommend to go through Ginger Gatling blog where she explains everything on a great way: C4C Certification

Getting prepared

So, for getting prepared I have been reading and studying from different sources. Most of them are detailed on my other blog SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) – My first experience although the main one was C4C10 handbook through Learning Hub (LH). For being honest, I still haven’t found a comfortable way to use LH and I do not like studying from the laptop; it would be much more comfortable for me to print out handbook or, even, read it from a tablet (i.e. iPad). Anyway, I have read the handbook twice. In addition to this, I personally count with hands-on experience so that was really a plus. The topics I found more complex during the exam, where those that I had never used on my projects so, my first big advice would be to focus on those topics that you have less experience.

Surprises during certification exam

For being honest, I did not get any “surprise” while sitting for the exam; this was not my first SAP certification although it was the first one under the new Cloud model that had a proctor 100% time looking at you through my webcam.

Sensations during certification exam

I entered to the exam being very confident with my knowledge (otherwise, I would have reschedule it before the beginning time) and it happened the same thing that has happened to me every time I got certified; first it happened that I couldn’t understand lots of questions as I was very nervous so I have a first round through the 80 questions in an hour (total time for answering the 80 questions is 3 hours). While going through the first round and answering, I also set marked those questions where I was not sure about the answer.

After the first hour, I went through all the questions again; those which where not marked I just went through them in order to check them for the last time and forget about them and those that where marked, I tried to clarify and answer them. This second round took me around half an hour. I used another half an hour to answer those 10-12 questions where my major doubts were. I still had an hour left but I only had doubts on 5 questions which I had no clue so I decided to submit my exam. And there is when extreme happiness started…

For summarizing, I would propose to give a first quick round trying to answer all the “easy” questions (those topics that each of you finds it easier) in order to reduce the unanswered questions. Second round should be to re-check those answered and to clarify those where you are not clear. Third round should be for finish answering remaining questions. This is the method I have used in all my certifications and that, up to now, it has provided good results to me…

For those who are preparing themselves for getting certified, feel free to post questions on this blog so we can share comments and, for sure, all the best!!!

Good luck!!!


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  • hi, First of all, Congratulations for your success on both C4C10 and C4C30. This is awesome. I am planning to do both in coming weeks. I went through your blogs about the exam experience and preparation tips and found then very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this. Lastly, I have a question regarding preparation for C4C10. Will studying C4C10 alone and doing all its exercises be enough to clear the exam or one must also go through the Admin and Business Process guides available via ? I understand that the more resources one use for the study, better the knowledge and chance of success but sometimes it can confuse and give too much unnecessary information from certification point of view - hence my question. Thanks in advance for your time. Regards Suchita

    • Suchita,

      Thanks for the feedback!

      For being honest, the first document I ever read related to C4C was the Admin Guide; if you do not have hands-on experience within the system, it may add some value, otherwise, I believe it is not a Must but, as always, it is additional material that may help you on a specific question. I've never gone through Business Process guide so I have no comments about it.

      To summarize, my proposal is to study carefully the handbook and do all exercises (plus project experience). I have heard that SAP is requesting in some regions to also demonstrate hands-on experience to avoid some past issues from repeating again. However, I believe it may make the difference to count with project experience. When I sit for the certification, I already had project experience so won't know what happens if you don't have it at the time of the exam.

      Hope this helps you.



      • Thank You Alejandro.

        I have 9 yrs of CRM onPremise implementation experience as a techno functional.

        I will be starting on the C4C project mostly in this month at one of our client. So I was thinking of getting certified before joining the project because once the project starts - I have 3-4 in my pipeline some back to back and some parallel including onpremise and on cloud - it becomes difficult to find the time then. But I agree with you that it make a lot difference to appear for exam with hands on live project experience.

        Thanks & Regards


  • Congrats and Thanks Alejandro for the tips!

    I agree with the "Surprises & Sensations " 😉 as I undergone through almost same experiences while giving my SAP CRM 7.0 certification in Oct' 2010, being first timer to SAP world.

    I recently had decent opportunity to attend C4C Workshop @SAP campus. Its was great experience to learn the product from innovators. The product sounds to have lot of promise along with Hybris marketing.

    What will be your advice for me to go for C4C certification, having over 5 yrs of On Premise experience as well??



  • Hi All,

    I am planning to write the SAP C4C certification. Can anyone please share C4C10.pdf document link from where we can download the same.