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Serialization Process and options!

In this document I will be discussing the automatic serializing of a material, while Goods Receipt.

Consider material 757, which has been assigned Serial No Profile = PM.


In the serial no profile, we have 2 settings for “Equipment Requirement”.

  • Proposal: w/o equipment
  • Always with equipment

For the above serial no profile PM, Equipment requirement is defined as “Without Equipment”.

So the common expectation would be that when we do GR of this material, serial no will be automatically created. And the equipment no will not be generated because of “without equipment” definition.


Doing GR for 757, using 501 movement type. (Using 501, to avoid PR, PO process)


Since the Material Master 757 has been assigned with a serial no profile, all stock  of 757 is supposed to be serialized on GR. Therefore, when we add 757 in MIGO, a serial no tab automatically appears.


Serial number can be mentioned manually, as well as automatically by checking the check box.

Check the serial numbers created for material 757 in IQ08.


We can see that serial no 1 to 5 has been created and also equipment numbers 10005707 to 10005711 has been created automatically.

So point to be noted here is that, on GR serial no is created and also EQUIPMENT NO is created, contrary to the expectation of “no equipment would be created”.

However, if we try to open eq master in IE02, the equipment doesn’t exist.


Here, we need to do something called as “Activation of Equipment View”. Only then we can access eq master in IE02.

Double click the equipment no in the IQ08 screen.


We can see that Equipment field in the above screen is still empty.

Now click the “Equipment View” (activate) button.


On pressing the “Activate Eq View” button, we get this screen. Now the eq no is shown as 10005707. This means that the eq view has been created for this serialized material (serial no 5 for material 757).

Just Save and the equipment view will be saved.

Now go to IE02 for eq 10005707. Equipment master is now available and can be accessed.


So the meaning of Setting “Eq Requirement = Without Equipment” is that:

  • Equipment number will be automatically created, along with serial no, on doing GR.
  • Equipment master is still not accessible in IE02, till the equipment view is activated manually.

Further if Eq Req = Always without equipment.

In this case, the process is exactly same, only difference being that we do not need to activate the equipment view, since it is already activated.




IE02: 10005713


Further point to be noted is that in both cases Equipment status is ESTO. (Equipment in stores)

Business meaning of ESTO is that, this material 758 serial no 2 is inventorized in store. And for using this material as an equipment, the status of the equipment should be AVLB. For doing this the material should be Goods Issued from stores to the required cost center (Account assignment cost center).

Doing GI, for the material 758, serial no 2 for cost center 1000.


After GI of serialized material:

  • From Inventory side: Material stock will be issued and stock in MMBE will reduce by 1
  • From PM side: Equipment which was earlier lying in stores, has been issued and is now AVAILABLE (AVLB) for installation.


Further, we need to maintain the Organizational data of this equipment manually, by maintaining plant, cost center, planning plant and work center.

Final Take Away:

  1. 1. So the meaning of Setting “Eq Requirement = Without Equipment” is that:
    • Equipment number will be automatically created, along with serial no, on doing GR.
    • Equipment master is still not accessible in IE02, till the equipment view is activated manually.
  2. 2. In both cases (with and w/o eq) equipment status will be ESTO. For using this equipment, this serialized material has to be Goods Issued to required cost center. On GI, eq status changes to AVLB
  3. 3. In both cases, we need to maintain the Organizational data manually for the equipment.
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  • Hi Piyush,

    Very nice document and step by step it was nicely explained.

    I learnt new point from this document is-- Activate equipment view.

    Looking some more good doc's like this in future.



  • Piyush,

    Thanks so much for such a detailed document. I really appreciate you taking the time to put this together.

    If you won't mind, I have a few questions about the general concept of serialization:

    1. Can you please give me a business scenario that will require creation of a new equipment every time a new material is received?

    I ask this because in our company, either we have equipment (like motors, pumps, conveyors) or we have materials (Spare parts etc). So I am finding it difficult to understand the need of having a material number AND an equipment number for the same physical entity.

    2. Do you know how can this concept help with other plant maintenance functionalities? Having material number and serial number for an equipment is practiced by several companies so I am suspecting it is very useful in some way.



    • Hi Sumer,

      Thanks for your appreciation.

      See we need a SAP MATRL NO. when we want to inventorise that particular material.

      And we need an equipment no, when we want that object is maintenance relevant.

      Now we need a serial no when when we need to connect SAP material no with SAP eq no.

      e.g. companies have multiple number of motors in Storeroom. This makes it imp to have a mtrl no. Now same motor has to be maintained or repaired at diff times.

      So when such motor is installed it is identified by EQIUPMENT NO.

      When such motor is uninstalled and moved to stores, it is identified by material no.

      But when we need to repair that particular motor in store, it is identified by material + serial no.

      For such objects which are maintainable and inventorisable, serial no is essential.



      • Thank you very much for explaining, Piyush. This is an amazing functionality.

        I now seem to have a clear picture about having two unique numbers (Mat #, Serial # and Equip #) for the same physical device.

  • Dear Piyush,

                     Thank you very much for providing such wonderful document.Actually i was trying to learn serial no,but but i was not understood properly.After watching your document i got clear idea about serial no.Once again thank you very much.



  • Hi Piyush,

    It's a very nice document which gives step by step guidance & a clear understanding of equipment serialization.



  • Thanks Piyush.

    Really, it is a very nice document.

    As you said, Equipment should have status ESTO while posting GR with movement type 501Q for a serialized material.

    But, when I am trying to post GR with fulfilling above conditions; the system is throwing an error "IO231 - Stock data of serial number XX not suitable for movement."

    Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Piyush,


    Thanks for your document.  I have below requirements, please let me know if this is feasible.

    1.  Is there any way to enforce MIGO tcode to consider the equipment provided while posting??.
      I want to post MIGO-Goods receipt/Goods issue with  an equipment number ( external number range).  Is this feasible, is there any configuration required ? I posted goods receipt by populating a fresh equipment number but systems is still generating a new equipment( internal number range) for that posting document.