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Bicycling Trends in the USA

Cycling is the best option to commute when short or moderate distance is into consideration. Specifically when in cities, biking is economic and effective mode of transit.

Bicycles provide numerous benefits in comparison with motor vehicles, including the sustained physical exercise involved in cycling, cycling involves a reduced consumption of fossil fuels, less air or noise pollution, much reduced traffic congestion, easier parking, increased maneuverability, and access to both roads, paths and rural trails. The advantages also include reduced financial cost to the user as well as to society at large.

Because of its benefits I have always admired biking to work and feel amazed when people commute to office using bicycles instead of commonly used automobiles.(by Biking I refer to Bicycling in this blog)

  1. Unfortunately in my case biking to office is not a possibility as I stay 20 miles away from the place I work. But by this it doesn’t mean that I don’t bike at all, yes I have weekends to unleash this adventurous hobby. I bike as much as possible every weekend to stay fit and healthy J

Before I begin my blog I encourage as many readers as possible to take up Bike to Work as a hobby and start biking ASAP!

In this blog I have used SAP Lumira to enliven the commuting data extracted from below sources

  1. The Census Bureau – American community Survey 2013
  2. The League of American Bicyclist

The Report is specific to United States of America and has captured various statistics of American Bicycle commuting trends for various years.

Limitation: SAP Lumira couldn’t detect cities like Davis, California and Boulder, Colorado hence could not represent them on Geo Charts. (However, managed to represent them on bar and other chartsJ)

    • The visuals and data can be useful to bicycle manufacturers to target their product in the US geography.
    • An insight to aspiring bikersJ
    • An urge to increase bike commuting percentage in the US and other Countries.

Notable points:

  1. Gathering Bicycle commuting data was indeed a task.
  2. Cleansing data to make it ready for LUMIRA feed, even more time consuming task.
  3. Use of Geo Maps, Trellis and Custom Hierarchy functionality in SAP LUMIRA was of great help.
  4. Was great fun to work on Network Chart

Hope this will be a visual treat to the reader. Thanks to SAP LUMIRA!

State wise Break:

Top states with highest % change of bike commuters from 2005 to 2012



Statewise Commute by Bike in 2012 and 2005 as a percentage of Total Population


Top states with highest % of bikers wrt to Total Population


Largest City (Population wise) and Bike Commute Percentage

Largest Cities in US (Population 200,000 – 2 million +) – Ranked on the basis of Bike Commuters as % of Total population of the City



Heat Map plotting State and City

Which state and its cities has cycling popularity ?


Fastest growing Cities in terms of biking population over the decade 1990 to 2013


Classification of country in to Regions explained with the help of Tree and Network charts

Img10.png Img11.pngImg12.png

Total Population and Biking population for each region

Img13.png Img14.png


Region wise classification of Biking/Non Biking/Total Population using Trellis


US City Size(Population) classification explained with the help of Network and Tree Charts

Img16.png Img17.png

Bike Commuters classified based on City Population with the help of Geo Map Trellis



Pie chart trellis:

Color represents City

Pie Section 1st row – No of Bike commuter

Pie Section 2nd row – Population


Mode of transit share in the US

Mode of transit share in each state:


Which city do people prefer to walk or Bike?


Most number of Bicyclist in a City in 2013

No. of Bicyclist in a city mapped against total population of that city


Commuter percentage, No. of Bicyclist & Total Population on Parallel Co-ordinates chart


Which city has the highest number of Bicyclist in the US?


Which City has the highest percentage of Total Population commuting by Bike?


Some intersting figures

Before I end my blog some facts for the year 2013


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