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SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition trial – AVAILABLE NOW!

Starting from April 4th.2016, the trial solution has been updated with SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511 FPS01. See blog.

SAP S/4HANA, the next-generation business suite, is the brand-new offering fully built on the most advanced in-memory platform today – SAP HANA – and the modern user experience (UX) provided by SAP Fiori with embedded insight-to-action operational analytics.

To help you discover the potential and reimagine your business, the SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 30-day trial is available in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library ( Hosted by Amazon Web Services ( this trial solution provides you the best opportunity to get a first-hand experience in your own private environment.

With the pre-activated SAP Best Practices content, you will be able to experience:

  • End-to-end business processes across key business activities such as manufacturing, services, finance and controlling (powered by SAP Simple Finance, on-premise edition 1503); localized for US, Germany and China
  • End-to-end Business processes for Chemicals and Discrete Manufacturing industries, localized for US
  • The SAP Fiori User Experience
  • SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Lumira reports
  • Sample scenario using SAP Screen Personas UX technology

Access the 30-day license-free trial offering here and follow the “Quick Start Guide” to start your private trial solution. Read announcement in SAP News Center.

Two additional consumption channels are available for:

1. Securing your private landscape as long as you need, by purchasing an SAP Cloud Appliance Library Subscription Package. SAP software license is required. Access on SAP Store

2. Deployment in an on premise environment or in private cloud, SAP Partners with valid SAP Test and Development license can order a physical blu-ray shipment (material number 51049900), by following the instruction on SAP note 2041140 on SAP Support Portal.

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  • Hello Vivian,

    Thank you very much for this great information !

    I am creating an account in order to access this system bu I got the error below.

    Do you know how to solve it or who I can contact, please?

    I checked on the related Help but this issue is not described there :

    Thank you very much for you help,


    SAP Cloud Appliance Library error.PNG

    SAP Cloud Appliance Library error.PNG
    • hi Paul,

      I guess it is something got mixed up with your SAP CAL User.

      You can provide me your SAP CAL login information, I will get CAL team check the details.

      thanks, Vivian

      • Hi Vivian,

        I am an SAP employee based out of Chicago. I have an account on AWS. I am looking for SAP S/4 HANA 1511 on Premise trail system but this system is not available. There are NW 7.5 ABAP systems but not the real on premise buisness system. Can you please advice how can i get the access to the buisness system?

        In one of the blog's i saw that this system has a component S/4 Core version 1.

        Best Regards
        Srikanth palla

  • Hello Xiaohua/Vivian,

    when you write about

    'To help you discover the potential and reimagine your business, the SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 30-day trial is available in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library ('

    How can I extend the 30-day trial? Is it a must have to buy a private landscape or can it extended by a monthly fee? you wrote

    '1. Securing your private landscape as long as you need, by purchasing an SAP Cloud Appliance Library Subscription Package. SAP software license is required.'

    thanks Andreas

    • hi Andreas,

      currently you cannot direclty extend the 30-day trial. If you need a longer usage of the solution, you need to go for the subscription package, which will require valid SAP product license (BYOL).

      SAP Cloud Appliance Library is working on a process to "transit" 30-day trial into subscription solution. In the future, you can transfer the 30-day trial directly into subscription mode.

      However, it is not intended to extend TRIAL period.

      hope it clarifies.

      Best, Vivian

      • Hello Mrinal,

        The SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription is currently priced at EUR 750 per 1 active cloud instance per month.

        For more information about the support entitlements and the mechanics of how this works, see the SCN article.

        You can purchase the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription online on the SAP Store.

        If you are an SAP partner see the SAP Private Partner Demo Showroom offering.

        Best regards,


        • Hi Stanimir,

          Thanks for your reply.

          Please inform whether this SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription is for only Cloud edition of S/4 or for onpremise also. Is there any limit on usage of hours 750 EUR per month. Can I set up my own scenarios or work similar to a sandbox for more 'Hands on'.

          With regards,


          • Hi Mrinal,

            With the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription package you can decide how many concurrently deployed instances you would like to have. You can even mix and match the different solutions to make provision for your instances, as long as the number of provisioned instances at any given time does not exceed the number covered by your subscription. One of the available solutions is S/4 on HANA on-premise.

            Please note that you also have to install a valid SAP product license for S/4 on HANA on-premise. This license defines in what scenarios you could use the system.

            Best regards,


          • Hi Stanimir,

            Thanks for your reply.

            Actually, I wanted to know the option for an individual to try for 'Hands on' experience (like sandbox) for S/4 HANA.

            With regards,


          • Hi Mrinal,

            The best option to try S/4 HANA on premise is to leverage the 30-day free trial offering. If you want to do more than a trial, for example a customer demo, or if you want to keep the S/4 system beyond the trial period you will have to order both the S/4 product license and the SAP CAL subscription.

            Best regards,


          • I got the 14 day trial but I dont get access to code base, Its simply fiori end user application access to get familliarize the UI/functionality?  Am i missing something in exploring the code base with that trial?

          • Hi Naresh,

            I assume you used the 14-day free trial for the S/4HANA cloud edition ( -> cloud edition on left side on that page) ? There, you won't have access to the code base or any administrative functions since this is a public cloud environment.

            You can start a trial for the S/4HANA on-premise version (same page as above, right side) which will give you access to ABAP backend, server OS, ...

            SAP licenses are waived for 30 days but you have to bear the hosting costs at Amazon AWS (~4.00 USD per uptime hour).

            We will update the on-premise trial with the latest version (SAP S/4HANA on-premise edition 1511 FPS 01) in the next days so maybe wait a bit until it's there.



          • Hi Joerg,

            Thanks for reply with some good information on trial . 2 questions

            * Will we be able to use the trial with AWS as sandbox for S/4 HANA

            * What is the option if we want to use trial for more than a month.. we also want to have some hands on as s/4 HANA evolves with new features , functionlaities , Add ons etc.

            With regards,


          • Hi Mrinal,

            bit of a late reply. The trial update has been released (same place as above).

            Information (also on how to extend the 30-days) can be found here.

            You need to apply your own updates, though, the on-premise trial for the next months will stay on S/4HANA 1511 FPS01. The cloud trial (see my answer above for differences) will be updated more often.



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    S4HANA log-on Error.PNG
  • Hi,

    I am looking to get access to s/4hana code base from developer prospective to get hands on.

    Any suggestions would appreciate.


    Naresh G

  • Hi Xiaohua,

    I am not able to  activate trial access for S/4  hana  on premise as I don't have any cloud  account.  It is prompting to enter secret key.  Please guide.



  • Hi,

    Can we get access to sample code base to understand the architecture as how its implemented and what technology used SAPui5, ABAP, Hana and how the design layed out?

  • Dear Xiaohua Wang,

    can you please update the link to note 2041140 as it is currently pointing to the SAP internal URL. SCN is an external community.

    Best regards


  • Hi,

    Any idea if it is updated with 1610 ? Or it is 1511.

    I want to know what is the backend trial landscape used for 1511 or 1610

    Edit : My questions are answered, please ignore above one.