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Integrate SAPUI5/SAP Fiori Application in SAP Gui Dynpro

Hy everybody,

i’m currently working alot with sapui5 and SAP Fiori applications, NW Gateway Services and so on. I was wondering, if it is possible to integrate a SAPUI5/SAPFIORI Application into a SAP Gui Dynpro and how it would behave. I’ve wrote a little program with a dynpro on it, and it works pretty well.

These are the steps required:

– Create Program

– Create Dynpro

– Create Dynpros PBO/PAI Modules

– Create Dynpro Status

– Handle Exit Command (and additional sy-ucomm’s from Dynpro Status) in PAI Module(s).

– Add Custom Container on the created Dynpro (In Attribute Window set rezise flags (vertically&horizontally)

– Instantiate Custom Container in PBO Module (cl_gui_custom_container)

– Instantiate HTML Control in PBO Module with Custom Container as parent. (cl_gui_html_viewer )

– Call Method show_url of HTML Control (Pass URL to the SAPUI5/SAP Fiori Application)

Enjoy the SAPUI5/SAP Fiori Application running in your SAP Gui

sapui5 in sapgui.png

I didn’t test all functionality. But as far as i checked it, everything was working pretty fine.

What could it be useful for:

– Provide SAPUI5 Functionality within SAP Gui.

For productive solutions i would check if every functionality is fully working.

Have a nice day.

Best regards,


sapui5 in sapgui.png
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