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Additional Fields in Liquidity Planner

In SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 it is possible to add new fields to FSCM-LP report so you have new dimmensions to analyze, ie: Profit Center.

The new functionality is described in SAP Note 1826731 with Business Function FIN_GL_DIR_CASHFLOW.


Add the fields: New GL Segment, Profit Center, Cost Center, WBS Element, Network, Vendor & Material to Liquidity Planner

Step 1: Activate BF FIN_GL_DIR_CASHFLOW with SFW5

Step 2: Add the new dimmensions to FLQ_EXTENSIONS table.

If the data is already used in the document chain, you need to create a copy of the data with a custom element, like ZLIFNR <-> LIFNR

28-07-2015 09-22-07.jpg

Step 3: Create a new function to add the dimmensions

Copy function “flq_default_assign_gl” and add the logic you need. In this example we added: Cost Center, Profit Center, WBS element, Network, Vendor,

File z_flq_default_assign_gl.txt

Step 4: Add the new function in FLQAF

28-07-2015 10-37-43.jpg

Step 5: Add the new field in the reports FLQLS, FLQLI

Implement SAP Notes 1943794, 2172586

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  • Hello Gustavo,

    As usual, a very interesting document, congrats.

    I have a question: how should the file global-z_flq_default_assign_gl.html be used?

    You don't say anything about it.

    Also, I tried copying your other FM, but I keep getting this error:

    Field "C_000000" is unknown. It is neither in one of the specified tables nor defined by a "DATA" statement. "DATA" statement.

    I have no idea how to manage it, could you please explain it?

    Thanks and regards


    • hi  Marco,

      The file global are the definitions for z_flq_default_assign_gl.

      The FM in FLQAF is z_flq_default_assign_gl, it only works with FLQAF.

      If it doesn't work, you may need help of an ABAP 🙂

      Kind Regards

    • I downloaded the files "as is" with a custom program


      CONSTANTS: con_lqorig_invoice TYPE flqorig VALUE 'D',

        con_lqorig_hkont TYPE flqorig VALUE 'A',

        c_000000(6) TYPE c VALUE '000000'.


      IF e_new_assignment-lqpos = space.

               PERFORM lqpos_from_account USING p_bseg-bukrs p_bseg-hkont

               e_new_assignment-lqpos e_query.

               IF e_new_assignment-lqpos <> space.

                     e_querytype = con_lqorig_hkont. "From Account




      IF p_bseg-prctr IS INITIAL.

        WRITE p_bseg-buzei TO lv_buzei RIGHT-JUSTIFIED.

        OVERLAY lv_buzei WITH c_000000.


      Kind Regards

      • Hello Gustavo,


        Yesterday I managed to extract the data, here is how I changed the initial part of the FM: 


        DATA: l_lqpos     TYPE flqpos,

        l_subrc     TYPE sysubrc,

        lv_buzei TYPE faglflexa-docln,

        lv_prctr Type bseg-prctr,

        con_lqorig_hkont TYPE FLQORIG VALUE 'A',


        e_new_assignment-bukrs = p_bseg-bukrs.

        Also, I wrote:

        AND BUZEI = lv_buzei.

        instead of

        AND DOCLN = lv_buzei.
        because this way we are sure of getting the line item of the original document also in case of splitting.



    • Hi Vishal,

      Liquidity Planner Works based on BSEG, not FAGLFLEXA :-(.

      You will have to go for S/4 Cash Managment for HANA for that kind of information.

      Kind Regards


      • Per this screenshot, the Profit Center is populated in FLQLI when I post a payment document. But when the RFLQ_DELETE, RFLQ_REBUILD and RFLQ_ASSIGN_REX run over night, the profit seems to disappear. Any idea why that may be happening?