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In SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 it is possible to add new fields to FSCM-LP report so you have new dimmensions to analyze, ie: Profit Center.

The new functionality is described in SAP Note 1826731 with Business Function FIN_GL_DIR_CASHFLOW.


Add the fields: New GL Segment, Profit Center, Cost Center, WBS Element, Network, Vendor & Material to Liquidity Planner

Step 1: Activate BF FIN_GL_DIR_CASHFLOW with SFW5

Step 2: Add the new dimmensions to FLQ_EXTENSIONS table.

If the data is already used in the document chain, you need to create a copy of the data with a custom element, like ZLIFNR <-> LIFNR

28-07-2015 09-22-07.jpg

Step 3: Create a new function to add the dimmensions

Copy function “flq_default_assign_gl” and add the logic you need. In this example we added: Cost Center, Profit Center, WBS element, Network, Vendor,

File z_flq_default_assign_gl.txt

Step 4: Add the new function in FLQAF

28-07-2015 10-37-43.jpg

Step 5: Add the new field in the reports FLQLS, FLQLI

Implement SAP Notes 1943794, 2172586

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  1. Former Member

    Hello Gustavo,

    As usual, a very interesting document, congrats.

    I have a question: how should the file global-z_flq_default_assign_gl.html be used?

    You don’t say anything about it.

    Also, I tried copying your other FM, but I keep getting this error:

    Field “C_000000” is unknown. It is neither in one of the specified tables nor defined by a “DATA” statement. “DATA” statement.

    I have no idea how to manage it, could you please explain it?

    Thanks and regards


    1. Gustavo Vazquez Post author

      hi  Marco,

      The file global are the definitions for z_flq_default_assign_gl.

      The FM in FLQAF is z_flq_default_assign_gl, it only works with FLQAF.

      If it doesn’t work, you may need help of an ABAP 🙂

      Kind Regards

    2. Gustavo Vazquez Post author

      I downloaded the files “as is” with a custom program


      CONSTANTS: con_lqorig_invoice TYPE flqorig VALUE ‘D’,

        con_lqorig_hkont TYPE flqorig VALUE ‘A’,

        c_000000(6) TYPE c VALUE ‘000000’.


      IF e_new_assignment-lqpos = space.

               PERFORM lqpos_from_account USING p_bseg-bukrs p_bseg-hkont

               e_new_assignment-lqpos e_query.

               IF e_new_assignment-lqpos <> space.

                     e_querytype = con_lqorig_hkont. “From Account




      IF p_bseg-prctr IS INITIAL.

        WRITE p_bseg-buzei TO lv_buzei RIGHT-JUSTIFIED.

        OVERLAY lv_buzei WITH c_000000.


      Kind Regards

      1. Former Member

        Hello Gustavo,


        Yesterday I managed to extract the data, here is how I changed the initial part of the FM: 


        DATA: l_lqpos     TYPE flqpos,

        l_subrc     TYPE sysubrc,

        lv_buzei TYPE faglflexa-docln,

        lv_prctr Type bseg-prctr,

        con_lqorig_hkont TYPE FLQORIG VALUE ‘A’,


        e_new_assignment-bukrs = p_bseg-bukrs.

        Also, I wrote:

        AND BUZEI = lv_buzei.

        instead of

        AND DOCLN = lv_buzei.
        because this way we are sure of getting the line item of the original document also in case of splitting.



    1. Gustavo Vazquez Post author

      Hi Vishal,

      Liquidity Planner Works based on BSEG, not FAGLFLEXA :-(.

      You will have to go for S/4 Cash Managment for HANA for that kind of information.

      Kind Regards


      1. Former Member

        Per this screenshot, the Profit Center is populated in FLQLI when I post a payment document. But when the RFLQ_DELETE, RFLQ_REBUILD and RFLQ_ASSIGN_REX run over night, the profit seems to disappear. Any idea why that may be happening?


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