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Uploading, Accessing, and Trouble-Shooting System Data in the Customer Profile Used for Planning Changes in Your IT Landscape


System Data of your IT landscape uploaded to the SAP Support Portal play and increasingly important role: In addition to being used for Early Watch Alerts and to manage system access for support in case of an incident, they are now used for planning landscape changes, for example using the Maintenance Planner. Therefore, it’s vitally important to understand and manage the processes to handle and access this data.

Prerequisites of Uploading & Accessing System Data in the SAP Support Portal

The Customer Profile contains data of most or all of SAP’s customers. It is easily understandable that each customer must only be able to see the data of his IT landscape. The whole handling therefore is based on the customer number – see figure 1:


Figure 1: System data, S-user settings, and related applications

System data upload from the IT landscape of your company and handling the access:

  • System Data
    • Installations are registered at the SAP Support Portal (
    • Systems of your IT landscape are registered automatically in the SLD / SAP Solution Manager LMDB
    • Technical system data is used to create product systems in LMDB, which are handed over to MOpz or uploaded to the Customer Profile
    • Applications like the Maintenance Planner or Early Watch Alert read Customer Profile data based on the customer number assigned to the S-User used for the login to the SAP Support Portal
  • User Access
    • SAP ( Customers get 1 to n Customer-numbers
    • Transaction AISUSER: Assignment of user to customer number is done here
    • Transaction SOLMAN_SETUP in SAP Solution Manager: Define 1 S-user for OSS-Upload Customer Profile: Access is based on S-user/ customer-# combination

Trouble Shooting – Wrong or Missing System Data in Customer Profile / Maintenance Planner

Problems Related the the Data Flow from the Technical System to the Customer Profile

The following figure summarizes the main points to check in case of problems:



Figure 2: Main connections between technical system landscape and Customer Profile.

So if your system data in the Customer Profile is missing, outdated, or incomplete here is what to check if system data is…

  • available and correct in the LMDB but not correct / outdated in the Customer Profile
        If you’re using the automated upload (former “Landscape Fetch” job)…


Figure 3: Example of warnings regarding the automated system data upload to the SAP Support Portal.

  • In that case, execute the Report AI_LMDB_MIG_OSS_SYNC_CONFIG and then trigger the landscape fetch job manually.

Problems Related to Customer Number Assignment – Incorrect Number of Systems is Shown

When it comes to handling customer numbers it is now clear that based on this information systems are displayed to you. In the simple case your company just have this one number all S-Users are using and everything should be fine.

We can, however, have more complex scenarios:

  • Companies with more than 1 customer number – several customer numbers shall be visible for one user (customer decision)
  • Value-Added Re-sellers (VARs) – several installations of different customers shall be covered by one customer number

The desired state of course is that customers see systems belonging their customer number(s) only. In case of a VAR, the VAR of course needs to see all the VAR’s customers, or their systems, respectively.

The process for both scenarios is described in SAP Note 2297876 – Setting steps for Multi-customer scenario in Solution Manager 7.1

Security Aspects

Upload of data to SAP Support Portal and processing in the Support Backbone, was part of the process with SAP Solution Manager Maintenance Planner already. Therefore, a solution has been described already in SAP Note 1781148 – LMDB and SLD in a high-security environment. It tells you, how to run two SAP Solution Manager systems in a high-security environment.

The note tells you that “[…] Depending on SAP Solution Manager usage, you may have to create the product systems in both [SAP Solution Manager systems][…]. With the Maintenance Planner if only the technical system data is needed, you can create product maintenance dependencies instead in case you do not need product systems in the SAP Solution Manager System uploading to the SAP Support Portal.

Additional Notes and Information

Relevant SAP Notes

System Data Availability

Synchronizing LMDB data to SAP Support Portal

Synchronizing data to SAP Support Portal

  • SAP Note 993775 – Synchronization of system data with the SAP Support Portal
  • SAP Note 1050693 – Several IP addresses when you synchronize system data
  • SAP Note 1246699 – System Data Update
  • SAP Note 1781148LMDB and SLD in a high-security environment

Handling AISUSER, Several Customer numbers, and RFC destination

You’re using the customer number the system has been uploaded with: More on handling multiple customer numbers: Users may need to see data of several customer numbers – you can make more than one assignment in the transaction AISUSER. For more information on handling multiple customer numbers see the following SAP Notes:


Should the information here not help, there is a new component to create incidents for problems related to the Maintenance Planner: BC-UPG-MP.

Further Information @ the SCN

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      • Dear Wolf,

        thank you very much for your reply. I think the displayed data in the Maintenance Planner should show the last upload date by "Last Replicated On" (automatic upload from LMDB). Or change the date only if new or updated software components will be automatic uploaded? If I upload system data manually to SAP Support Portal the date of the manually upload displayed in the Maintenance Planner (regardless of whether the software components have been changed or not). I have also a open OSS-Ticket for this question.

        Best regards


        University of Siegen

        • SAP has a ridiculous design here: the support portal shows the proper updates from Solution Mismanager but the Maintenance Planner shows old data.  SAP expects us to sit and continuously click refresh until their systems feel like synchronizing.

          • Dear Mikhail,

            thanks a lot for your feedback - showing outdated data is not what we strive for. In fact there is work going on to improve the service.

            You (and others reading this) could help us here by creating an incident telling us your observations in detail; please use component BC-UPG-MP.

            Best Regards,

            Wolf Hengevoss

            SAP SE

  • Dear Wolf:

    when I tried to direct upload landscape data into SAP Support Portal:No permission to perform perform this task for system,I didn't find a good solution above it,can you give me some advise or some hints,looking forward to your reply,thank you very much。

    best regards


    • Dear Customer,

      as stated in the blog, the uploading an access to system data is based on the customer number. So if a permission is missing, you may not have it for the customer number assigned to the system in question. You can check under System Data | SAP Support Portal.

      I hope that helps.

      Best Regards,

      W. Hengevoss

      SAP SE

      • Dear Wolf:

           Thank you very much reply,I had solve this problems as your said ,I don't have right permission 。

            when I tried to direct upload landscape data into SAP Support Portal,it prompt:successful。but,I cann't find the system in Maintenance planer,I reference note:

        • 1891878 - "Upload to SAP Support Portal" in LMDB does not send data。

        but it seems improper for this case because this version is too old can you give me currently note or hintsthank you very much

        best regards


  • Hi Wolf,

    Where in Transaction SOLMAN_SETUP in SAP Solution Manager (from your note above), do we define the 1 S-user for OSS-Upload Customer Profile?

    Best regards, Matt.

    • Dear Matt,

      that may depend on your version of SAP Solution Manager - for example in SAP Solution Manager 7.10 SPS14, you'll find it under System Preparation / 3. Specify Connectivity Data

      Hope that helps...

      Best Regards,

      W. Hengevoss

      SAP SE

      • Hi Wolf,

        Thank you for the very quick reply.

        I found that Connectivity Data and S#, and we have previously set this correctly.

        Our LMDB data is being successfully populated to the SAP Marketplace, but is not being reflected in the Maintenance Planner (no updates since November 2015).

        I'll raise a ticket with SAP for resolution.

        Best regards, Matt.

        • Hi Matt,

          we have the same problem and still waiting for a answer / solution from SAP... Is your system data (software components) filled correctly in the system data area in the new SAP ONE Launchpad?

          Best regrads


          • Hi Michael,

            Nice to know we are not the only customer with this problem.

            However, I just checked the new SAP ONE Launchpad, and yes, our details are reflected there.  And then I re-checked the Maintenance Planner, and yes, now our details are there too!

            So not sure what SAP did over the weekend, but we are now seeing our system data being properly reflected.  I had opened a ticket on Friday.

            Best regards, Matt.

          • Hi Michael,

            I've also the same problem with Maintenance Planner.

            I can successfully push data to SAP Marketplace and system data correctly filled in the system data area in the new Launchpad, however it's not reflected in the Maintenance Planner(no updates since the end of 2014).

            I've opened a ticket with SAP, however still has no solution.

            Did you resolve your issue? What was the solution provided by SAP side?

            kind regards,


          • Hi Viktar,

            the last info from SAP (October 2015) was:

            "We identified that at the Moment the automatic upload takes

            approximately 3 days to Show in Maintenance Planner. We are still

            working on that to make it faster.

            The Manual upload is working fine now. So, please use the Manual

            upload as Workaround for urgent cases, we will inform you as soon as

            the automatic probem is solved on backend."

            The issue is not solved. I have uploaded data manually to the SAP Support Portal yesterday. The system data is updated, but the Maintenance Planner shows the old data.

            Kind regards

          • Hi Michael,

            thank you for your feedback.

            My version of Solution Manager was pretty old (7.1 sp4). Therefore I decided to update it to the newest SP stack (sp14) available and now my problem is gone. The systems are available in Maintenance Planner right after I push them using manual upload(will check automatic landscape fetch job next week). Not sure though what was the problem.

            kind regards,


          • "upload takes approximately 3 days"

            Who is the genius at SAP that designed this setup? 

            Everyone: add three days to every installation and upgrade, even small patch updates.  Yes, inflate the already bloated costs and estimates for SAP projects.

          • Dear Mikhail,

            to my information, the duration of the automated upload should have been reduced significantly these days (to hours instead of days).

            If you still experience such long delay, please let us know on component MP-UPG-MP.

            Best Regards,

            Wolf Hengevoss

            SAP SE

          • Mikhail (and Michael above) - had the same issue with manual push not working at all..  Note 2002546 solved it for us.  SM 7.1 sp13.  Manual push works now.

  • What about missing OS and DB data? I have verified the OS and DB data is correct in LMDB, but is missing in Maintenance Planner. How can I fix this so I don't get all OS and DB versions of SUM, etc. in the download basket?

    • Dear Randy,

      Sorry to hear that. Also, from the information given, we cannot tell the reason - for investigation, an incident is required. Please use component BC-UPG-MP.

      Thanks for your support!

      Wolf Hengevoss

      SAP SE

  • Dear Wolf,

    One small question about S-user.
    Can I use a S-user to generate license key and use a different one for
    AISUSER->USER-ID->S-USER in solution manager ?
    Should I use the same one ?
    Because I met problem when I upload system data to sap support portal.

    Best regards,

    • Dear Quintina,

      to my knowledge, for the upload the user defined in the SolMan_SetUp --> OSS connection is important. In case of upload problems persisting, please open an incident under BC-UPG-MP.

      Best Regards,
      Wolf Hengevoss
      SAP SE

  • Hi;

    I have problem in to Upload to SAP Support Portal

    Solution manager 7.1 SP7

    error message:

    Cannot update system 000000000xxxxx with datafrom non-production Solution Manager

    help me, please.