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New Asset Accounting EHP7 – Functionality and configuration

With SAP Enhancement Package 7, a new functionality is available in Asset Accounting to manage Parallel Valuations. The following document contains information about use of this functionality for a new implementation customer. In OSS Note 1776828 SAP recommends activation of New Asset Accounting for new customers. To use this solution, prerequisite is the use New GL Accounting with Ledger Approach. Prior to New Asset Accounting, to manage parallel valuations one had to use delta depreciation areas, as only one depreciation area (01) could post to the General Ledger in real time.

With the new solution it is now possible to post actual values to different depreciation areas in real time. There’s no need for delta postings and delta depreciation areas. In the following paragraphs I shall attempt to explain the configuration steps involved with an example of our implementation project.

Before you actually begin implementation of New AA, take a stock of Global Settings related to General Ledger, particularly Ledgers and Currencies. This will help you ascertain the Chart of Depreciation settings required in Asset Accounting.

E.g. if you have two ledgers for your Company Code (leading and non leading) there must be two depreciation areas that post in real time.

Note – This is not applicable to Depreciation areas for Investment Support. Also if there are multiple currencies there must be a depreciation area for each currency. This ensures consistencies between General Ledger and Asset Accounting sub ledger.

In our case we had:

  • Ledgers:
    • Leading Ledger for Indian GAAP – 0L
    • Non Leading Ledger for IFRS – NL
  • Additional Currencies:
    • Group Currency – INR
    • Hard Currency – EURO

Also we had to implement Investment Support, so additional Depreciation areas were for created for the same. Also had a separate depreciation area to Income Tax depreciation. This is what the final Chart of Depreciation looked like:


Now if you didn’t have Investment Support in scope, area 51, 59, 71 and 75 wouldn’t be required. Also if Investment Support accounting is not applicable for Accounting Principle IFRS, area 71 and 75 wouldn’t be required.

Once this is sorted the rest of configuration settings are straight forward:

  • Business Functions: Activate the following Business Functions:

         Transaction Code – SFW5




This will activate a new path in SAP IMG:


  • Copy the chart of depreciation as usual and define your depreciation areas
  • Assign each depreciation area to a ledger group.
  • For Depreciation area 60, define depreciation area 01 as Alternate depreciation area for account determination


  • Specify Area type:

Asset Accounting (New)->General Valuation->Depreciation Areas->Define Depreciation Areas->Specify Area Type


  • Specify transfer of APC values:

Asset Accounting (New)->General Valuation->Depreciation Areas->Specify Transfer of APC Values

Here we define the reference depreciation area that provides values to other depreciation areas. Depreciation areas that don’t post in real time must takeover APC and depreciation values from a reference depreciation area.


  • Specify Transfer of Depreciation Terms

Asset Accounting (New)->General Valuation->Depreciation Areas->Specify Transfer of Depreciation Terms


  • Depreciation Area Currencies

Asset Accounting (New)->General Valuation->Currencies->Define Depreciation Areas for Foreign Currencies

Specify the depreciation areas’ currency for your company code(s).


  • Activate New Asset Accounting

                  Asset Accounting (New)->New Asset Accounting: Preparation and Activation->Check Prerequisites for Activating Asset Accounting (New)


Asset Accounting (New)->New Asset Accounting: Preparation and Activation->Activate Asset Accounting (New)


  • Technical Clearing Account

To enable parallel postings to different ledgers system uses a technical clearing account for Asset acquisition and Investment support postings. This is required from a technical purpose and the balance of this account is always zero after each posting.

See an example of integrated posting with technical clearing account at Example 1: Acquisition, Integrated Posting – Asset Accounting (FI-AA) (New) – SAP Library.

The technical clearing account must be a reconciliation account for assets and it can’t be used in account determination for Asset Accounting (for example, tables T095, T095B, T095P)


Rest of the configuration remains unchanged. You define your asset classes, account determination, depreciation keys etc. as usual.

An example of Acquisition posting (without investment support)


Integrated posting in different ledgers:

Area 01 – Ledger 0L-


Area 60 – Ledger NL


Separate documents are generated for the two postings:




  1. OSS Note 1776828
  2. Release Notes for EHP7
  3. Various pages on New Asset Accounting


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Raghav,

      Thanks for sharing nice document presented in Asset Accounting which is very help full for parallel valuations.

      Can we use this with out simple finance functionality ? because I heard EHP 7 is mandatory for Simple Finance with HANA.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Bhaskar,

      Yes we can use this solution without Simple Finance on ECC 6.0 EHP7.

      EHP7 is mandatory for Simple Finance but not vice versa, at least as far as this functionality is concerned.



      Author's profile photo Atif Farooq
      Atif Farooq

      Hi Raghav:

      Thanks for sharing this useful feature in Ehp7.


      Author's profile photo Naresh Cherukuri
      Naresh Cherukuri

      Very informative

      Author's profile photo Farhan Qaiser
      Farhan Qaiser


      Just for information purpose, is there possibility to deactivate the new asset accounting, once it is activated.

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Nasir Awan
      Nasir Awan

      ENTERPRISE_BUSINESS_FUNCTIONS - FIN_AA_PARALLEL_VAL is a irreversible business function.

      Prerequisite to activate  FIN_AA_PARALLEL_VAL is Financials Extension (EA-FIN)



      • The Customizing switch that you use to start Customizing for new Asset Accounting is not reversible.


      See link below for details

      FI-AA, Parallel Valuation - Financial Accounting (FI) - SAP Library

      Author's profile photo Ranu Eugene
      Ranu Eugene

      Hi Arjun,

      Nice document and very well explained.

      Keep up the good work. 🙂 🙂

      I hope I know you 🙂 🙂 🙂



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Is it possible to have different fiscal years for depreciation areas-


      0L-Leading ledger -Currency-INR-Fiscal year variant -V3-

      Depreciation area-01-book depreciation

      N1-Non-leading ledger-currency-EUR-fiscal year variant k4-

      depreciation area-31-Group Depreciation

      Thanks in advance

      joseph david

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi. Thanks for the information.

      I have a question.

      How is the process for customers with Classic Asset Accounting and they want activate New Asset Accounting in EPH7?


      Author's profile photo Rahul Kulkarni
      Rahul Kulkarni

      Hi All,

      Thanks for the information.
      Can we activate this functionality in Oracle Data base (HANA Database mandatory ?)

      Kindly suggest ?

      Rahul S Kulkarni

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi All,

      Does anyone know if the new depreciation program FAA_DEPRECIATION_POST can still utilize BADIs for enhancing the depreciation program?  We have two custom enhancements that worked with EA-FIN activated in ECC 6.0, but now when we upgraded to S/4 1610 it does not appear that these BADIs are being called.  Any info on how to customize the new program would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


      -Aaron Passer

      Author's profile photo Hemanthkumar Chittibomma
      Hemanthkumar Chittibomma

      Hello Arjun,

      Well exemplified document. Thanks for sharing.


      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Community,

      Very good documentation in deed.

      However, I wonder if any of you has a problem similar to mine after activating and customizing the New Asset Accounting.

      In tcode AFABN on my customer´s installation, I DON´T have anymore the box with the options of reason for posting run. Ex: Planned, Repeat, Restart and Unplanned. This box does not appear in the initial selection screen of the AFABN and program FAA_DEPRECIATION_POST.

      Does anybody has ou had a similar issue ?

      I need to run depreciation in REPEAT mode for a certain specific assets numbers and can´t select that.

      Thank you in advance


      Author's profile photo Alexander Karpov
      Alexander Karpov

      Hi, all.

      When we activate New Asset Accounting in EPH7 we get Error Message “Parallel currency depreciation area xx is not defined correctly” --> Message no. AC559, or error message "Parallel crcy area (crcy type xx) missing for area xx ch.of deprec. xxxx"(from note 2307443).

      But we can't use this note and set flag IdntTrm, because, we have different sums  in other depr areas.

      How can we resolve that problem and activate New Asset Accounting?