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Doing the trick again

You know illusionists, right?

Folks like David Copperfield, David Blaine or Ricky Jay – we’ve all seen them and were left in awe and amusement when they performed their unbelievable tricks.

But what, dear fellows, is the mystery behind their magic?

It’s practice.

A lot of practice.

Exercising and doing the same thing over and over.

Until the trick is perfected and the audience can once again be taken out of everyday into a world of magic – at least while the show is on.

That’s a great inspiration, so I decided to follow this example.

And so I am going to repeat one of my most successful tricks (Something new, something old…):

<…in a dark, mysterious voice…>

Dear audience, now observe and watch closely!

Here I have an ordinary SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing space overview column:


Please notice the elegant simplicity.

Acknowledge the structural stringency.

It had been like this for a long time now.

It’s proven, stable, trusted.

The anchor of the weary SCN space surfer, the anchor of … you get it 🙂

Now, hold your breath!

Don’t blink!


( << mutabor! >>)

after blank.png


Isn’t it amazing?

What do you mean, you don’t see anything?

Oh, dear optometrician!

Ok, once again for the slightly myopic readers here:

➖ ➕ ❗ ALAKAZAM ! ➖ ➕ ❗

<< bless you! >>


There it is!

Yes folks, as of today, this space has a new moderator!

Lucas Oliveira is a SAP HANA expert hailing from the lovely South of Brazil (somewhere around here)

Google Maps


So join me and give Lucas a warm welcome and make some noise if you liked the trick 😉 .

There you go – now you know!

– Lars


sorry for the Comic Sans, but this is the only topic I could ever use it for…


Ravindra Channe and Patrick Bachmann: you guys are responsible for the theme of this post!

(Re: Calculated column and null values, Re: Create local temporary table in procedure…)

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  • Hey! Thanks for the warm welcome Lars! 🙂

    I'm happy to help changing your role of  lone-wolf-moderator and join the team ( certainly a team)

    ps.: Didn't expect comic sans font coming... a surprise indeed but definitely excused 😉


    Lucas de Oliveira

    • Hi, Lucas.

      I am Brazilian as well and I am in from Palo Alto labs in California.

      I really proud of you. Lars is one of the most brilliant contributors that I follow in SCN and I am sure you both will keep this community to grow as better as it is possible.


      Pablo Silva

  • Hi LArs,


    for the next trick please bring out the Hana Developer edition that people can legally install on their own pc's 😉

    Best regards,


  • ... and I got myself looking for the game of seven errors hahahuauhahua

    Many thanks Lars.

    Lucas Oliveira It's wonderful to have you here so active. Many thanks to you too.

    Best regards, Fernando Da Rós

    Edited: Pointing to correct Lucas Oliveira

  • Nice one, but in your post you linked the "wrong" Lucas 😆

    He's not that active and I was confused while reading the comment of the "real" Lucas


      • That's exactly right.

        Lucas'es active contribution history and his topic expertise made him an obvious candidate to become a moderator.

        That way, a lot more people can benefit from the know-how he shares (plus, of course, it takes load away from myself 😉 ).

    • Thanks for the notification.

      Looks like the auto-link feature for user accounts doesn't really work as expected. I found that even when I put in the URL directly, it resolves back to the "wrong" account.

      Anyhow, I fixed the link in the blog post now.

      - Lars