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General issue in HLM Migration

This article consists some general issues or errors occur while migration takes place from Development system to Quality and Production System using HANA Life Cycle Management Tool.

1>Error 1: Activation Failed: Could not activate one of the objects

     Ans:- This type of error occurs in migration using HLM while the captured object try to activate all the objects (Existing dependent objects in target system)

               but unable to activate all the dependent objects.


               These are following reasons of this type of failure.

      • The objects   (DB table, Views etc)   are not in sync between the source and target system, May be some of the fields have been removed.
      • May be DATA TYPE, COLUMN SIZE or ATTRIBUTE TYPE of some fields have been changed.
      • In such type scenario, it may happen the changes have reflected in CR captured object that is why sometimes Developer get confused the reason of failed CR.


               We can refer the TRACE LOG to identify the field names of the existing objects.




      • To resolve this type of issues we have to take TOP DOWN approach. It means we have send top most objects first (like Calculation views or       Stored Procedures) then the objects which stands bottom in the layer.
      • The best approach is to find the dependencies of the object across the systems by referring “SYS”.”OBJECT_DEPENDENCIES” table.


                                   SELECT   BASE_SCHEMA_NAME, BASE_OBJECT_NAME,


                                                  FROM     “SYS”.”OBJECT_DEPENDENCIES”

                                                      WHERE   BASE_SCHEMA_NAME = ‘<Schema Name>’         

                                                         AND   BASE_OBJECT_NAME = ‘<Object Name>’


2>Error 2: Activation Failed: The objects are not released.

     Ans:- Generally, when Transport got failed then the failed CRs will be hold as OPEN state in target system Change manager.

                   So after releasing those open CR we can transport new CR.

3>Error 3: Activation failed: In Stored Procedure

      Ans:- Suppose we are sending a Stored Procedure in CR and it got failed the following points need to be verified.

      • If Stored Procedure is using any table structure then the table structure must be present in target system.
      • If Stored Procedure is using any object like Dimension table, Fact table or Table structure  of other Schema(Schema which is other than the Schema where Stored procedure has created) then those schema name must be written before those object name while using in SQL statements in Stored Procedure.

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