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SAP IdM Custom Add-on for Mass User action management (Mass Upload UI) – on WD

This tool can be used as a replacement for other ways time consuming actions like:

    • mass assign/un-assign of user access
    • mass lock/unlock users
    • to partially terminate users across the systems(remove access only from one or two of the available systems)

Note: with input data validations.

For example: we have 100 – users and we want to assign 10-SAP roles for each of them. The time used to do so via the standard IdM UI will be very long and boring, but the same case will take only a couple of minutes using the Mass Upload UI.

The logic can be separated in three parts:

  • SAP WD UI – for exporting/importing the data(using scv files)
  • Back-end logic for UI validations(users and access validations)
  • SAP IdM logic(after the mass upload is submitted in IdM are created custom requests for each user/system)

Note: more than one uploads can be executed by a number of users, as we have implemented a custom queue for managing the created mass uploads.

1. WD UI – Mass Upload UI:


   1.1. Supported mass actions:

Add/Remove – roles/privileges

Add(create)/Remove(terminate) – users

Lock/Unlock – users

  1.2. UI supported operations:


Export template

Validate (only validates the data,without further actions)

Submit (internal validations )

Add single record

Delete multiple records

2. IdM customizations:

  • custom Entry Type _Mass_Upload
  • custom job – managing the submitted mass uploads and managing the queue(more than one mass uploads can be submitted)

             mu 2.png

  • custom IdM UI – displaying the requested created for the users(after the access is changed)

          mu 3.png

  • custom javascript-s managing the logic
  • custom UI tasks for the M*** Upload

Hope you like it 🙂

Simona Lincheva

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      Author's profile photo Richard Pietsch
      Richard Pietsch

      Hi there,

      this one really looks interesting! So far, we use several mass activity jobs with file uploads for use in identity center only, which is quite annoying. I'd appreaciate if you could share some more technical details 🙂

      Reagrds, Richard

      Author's profile photo Simona Lincheva
      Simona Lincheva

      Hi Richard,

      Well, basically:

      1 - if you have WD developer you can create your custom WD UI, as the one I show in my blog above

      2 - you need some back-end validations, so you have the validation result visible in the UI (SQL queries over the standard IdM views - backend validations not IdM)

      3 - queue table and additional custom tables - custom IdM tables (to save the submited mass uploads)

      4 - additional custom entry types for processing/auditing purposes (then you can use them and create custom IdM UIs for auditing)

      Note: you can check my other blog - SAP IdM  Custom Add-on for Mass User Data Administration (MUDA) - on SAPUI5 here we have added an additional UI functionality and the UI technology is SAPUI5