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SAP PI B2B EDISeparator Adapter

Business Case:

Payment Advice and Invoice Data is placed in specific location by Bank in the form of ANSIX12 documents EDI 823 and 820 respectively. SAP PI picks the EDI documents and performs splitting, conversion and translation steps and posts these data into SAP ECC system in IDOC format. Corresponding IDOC types LOCKBX.FINSTA01 shall create Payment Advice and Invoice document in SAP ECC.


Configuring EDISeparator Adapter:


Adapter comes with B2B Tool kit suite with SoftwareComponentVersion B2B TOOLKIT 1.0 with SP002, available is following versions of PI.

  • PI 7.1 EHP 1 SP11
  • PI 7.3 EHP 1 SP6/7
  • PI 7.4 SP02

Receiving and processing different EDI messages on a Single Channel Processing new EDI message types has been introduced in EDI Separator adapter sender and receiver channel. The sender channel of the EDI separator adapter supports the handling of the following message protocols:

  • Tradacoms
  • Plain
  • ANSIX12
  • XML
    (Routing and Splitting) – using this feature, you can route and split XML
    messages from a given XPath to the right ICO.
  • Default

Following screenshots illustrates properties needs to be configured for this adapter.

EDISeparator Sender Communication Channel Configuration:

Following fields need to be maintained in communication channel, these are the control data from ISA segment.

Version/Release/Industry Identification Code: Specific version and standard of the EDI document being transmitted between sender (Bank) and receiver.

SenderId: Sender System transmitting EDI files, this is the unique identification created by the sender partner.

ReceiverId: Receiver System transmitting EDI files, this is the unique identification created by the receiver partner.

Sender/Receiver Qualifier: Number value indicating the way of identification e.g: DUNS, SCAC Id etc…


X12ConverterModule is used to convert ASNSIX12 to EDI ANSIX12 xml


EDISeparator Receiver Communication Channel Configuration:


EDI Receiver’s role is to receive the particular EDI message and parse it by segment, based on the control data maintained in the ISA segment parameters it
identifies the particular EDI sender channel to process received EDI messages.

Note: The control data maintained in EDI file and the parameters maintained in EDI Sender channel should match in order proceed further.


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