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Quick launch of ADT Data Preview

Hi community,

the data preview in eclipse is a very powerful tool to display table content in ABAP in Eclipse.

But I often hear the problem that it is quite cumbersome to open the data preview via the project explorer.

Because you first have to open the correct package in the project explorer to right-click there to open the data preview.

Do you know that there is a quick launch possibility via ALT-F8

Just open the dialog ‘Run ABAP Application’ (ALT-F8) and enter the name of the table you want to inspect:

There is the usual search behavior with type restrictions possible in the dialog field.

22-07-2015 14-04-33.png

When you choose an item from the result list the data preview is opened.

Kind Regards,


22-07-2015 14-04-33.png
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  • Hi Thomas,

    thanks for this hint.

    I did this accidentally yesterday, liked the short cut but couldn't remember how I did it 😛 . Therefore I was looking through all the keyboard short cuts already in order the correct one...


  • /
    2015-07-22 10_56_35-Run ABAP Application.jpg
      • The table is showing up in 'Open ABAP Development Object' option and not in 'Run ABAP Development Object'.

        We are on EHP6 FOR SAP ERP 6.0 with

        SAP_BASIS 731
        SAP_ABA 731



          • Hi Michael,

            I have SAP_BASIS 740 SP5. But when i do data preview in Eclipse, i get below authorization error message

            'No Authorization to access the resource /sap/bc/adt/datapreview/ddic'. However i have full authorization for authority object 'S_ADT_RES'..What could be the issue?


          • You are right. This message refers to an authorization issue. If you have authorization S_ADT_RES for URI = /sap/bc/adt/datapreview/ddic/* I would expect it is working. Could you just double-check the authorizations of your user?


          • Hi Chandru,

            In transaction SU01 you should be able to see the roles and the corresponding authorizations assigned to your user.

            You mentioned above that you have full authorization for S_ADT_RES. What does this mean?

            Best Regards,

          • Hi Michael,

            I meant i have access for all URI under this Authority object 'S_ADT_RES'. Pls find the image below taken from SU01 and let me know your concerns.