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Today we’re announcing three new exercises that will help introduce you to the Gamification Service on HCP. I’m a student from Germany working on the HANA Cloud Platform team in Palo Alto for a few months, and part of the reason I chose this team is to get to work with new and cutting-edge topics like this.


If the gamification buzzword says nothing to you might want to take a look at Wikipedia first. Basically it is using game elements (e.g. experience points or badges) in a real-world context. Gamification can be an important motivator in the enterprise context, and at SAP it is no exception. We use gamification on many platforms including in our TwoGo carpooling service, on our Learning Hub, in the Suite, and of course right here on the SCN.


And as of April, as you heard from Michael Ameling, we offer the Gamification Service on the HANA Cloud Platform itself. This service will help you to gamify your apps with points, levels, badges and missions and provides an easy way to display them to the end-user. You can reach the service with a simple REST interface and/or use the gamification workbench. By providing this service, we also want to create a consistency between all gamified SAP applications. 


Together with Moya Watson and Michael Ameling, we created three exercises for people who want to get their hands on the new gamification service of the HANA Cloud Platform.  And here they are:



Anyone can get started with these exercises today on the free HCP developer account. Please give them a try and leave us some feedback on these exercises to let us know which topics we should focus on in the next exercises. But besides of that, feel free to provide feedback on the service itself, it is still in Beta so we’re always happy to hear suggestions.

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  1. Kamal Shaik

    Very interesting topic.

    I went through other gamification cloud platforms and this HCP looks easy to be configured and deployed.

    Creating rules looks complex. Rules Editor is better instead of writing the code.

    And how can we assign SAP user ID’s & passwords for a player?

    For example, we have 10 technicians using a mobile app, each representing a player. What role should be assigned and where the SAP user details can be assigned?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Philipp Stehle Post author

      Hi Kamal,

      first of all: thank you for your feedback.

      > Creating rules looks complex. Rules Editor is better instead of writing the code

      Yes, but because of the removed complexity, you also lose flexibility and the ability to create more advanced rules.

      Keep in mind this service is still in beta, as soon as we’re ready, we will come up with a complete documentation for the rules engine.

      So writing the code will get easier.

      > And how can we assign SAP user ID’s & passwords for a player?

      This is all handled automatically by the HCP via SSO.

      > What role should be assigned and where the SAP user details can be assigned?

      This depends on the application, in the sample application it is the role “helpdesk”.

      If we take a look at the web.xml of the helpdesk application we can see why.


      Additionally you should assign the “AppStandard” role of the gamification service, this enables the user to see the overview page with his level, badges and the leaderboard.

      The user details are all handled by the HCP.

  2. Former Member

    Great stuff, thanks a lot for sharing.

    Would you have any information on how to use that HCP gamification service with SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Jam?


    1. Vladimir Pavlov

      I guess it’s rather a question of what (REST) APIs SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Jam expose, isn’t it? The HCP gamification service is generic and agnostic to that aspect.



      1. Former Member

        Thanks. SAP Jam and SF learning expose pretty much every functionality with oData APIs. What would be the steps to use gamification with SAP Jam? I guess there should be some trigger to be sent by Jam so it calls the service? How to do that? Thanks.

  3. Former Member

    Hello Philipp Stehle,

    I had been trying to implement the gamificaiton service on a cloud Platform application but not been successful so far.

    I’m trying to access the 3 excercise links, but it is not working.

    Could you please provide an updated link if you have one.

    Thank you




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