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FAQ – C4C Tagging and Text Analysis – Hana Text Analysis

This document captures common questions on this topic. These are valid as of C4C 15.05 version.

Q1. What is the engine behind text analysis.

Answer – Hana Text Analysis v1.85 (part of SPS 08). Used for  both Tagging(auto-tagging) and Sentiment Analysis(automatic sentiment determination)

Q2 – Where is Auto-Tagging used ?

Answer – Used in analyzing incoming Service/Social interactions – Eg social media mentions “Chris Rock is a big fan of iPhone” – Name “Chris Rock” and “iPhone” are tagged for that message. C4C user (agent) can manually change and update these.

Q3 – Where is Sentiment Analysis used?

Answer – Used in analyzing incoming Service/Social interactions. Systems detects sentiment and marks these interactions with positive/negative/neutral sentiments.  C4C user (agent) can manually change these.

Q4 – Does engine use dictionaries?

Answer –  Yes engine uses different dictionaries for different languages. These are standard predefined dictionaries.

Q5 – Can customer tweak the standard dictionary or define custom dictionaries? Can customer influence this process?

Answer – At this point, no.  Engine uses standard dictionaries for both sentiment analysis and tagging.

Q6 – What languages are supported?

Answer – English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese  and Traditional Chinese.

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