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How to transfer configured system connections from luna to mars?


today I have updated to the newest Eclipse-Version mars and technically all is going fine. For the new eclipse version i have generated a new workspace, that i can work with “old” version luna anymore.

Is it possible to transfer my configured system connections incl. favourite packages from the luna installtion to the mars installation? I have tried it with export/import function in eclipse file menu, but i can’t find a suitable entry!

Thanks a lot for any Information.

Best regards


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  • Hi Martin,

    why don't you use the workspace for both luna and mars version.

    What happens when you just copy the workspace folder?



    • Hi,

      after using the "old" workspace with mars I got some problems using luna with the same workspace (not at the same time of course) so i would not recommend it if you want to use luna and mars with the same workspace.

      But if you want to do so maybe two workspaces (original and a copy) will do the trick.

      I do not know which plugins you have currently installed but with a clean install my connections were also missing until I installed the ADT plugins. After that and the using of the luna workspace everything was transfered and fine (connections and eclipse settings).

      Best Regards


      PS: Wooops, i mistook "Reply" for "Quote" 🙂 .

  • Hi,

    thanks a lot for the very fast support 🙂

    I copied the content from luna-workspace-folder to the new mars-workspace-Folder. After starting eclispe a message like "...your Workspace was created with an old eclipse version - would you convert ..." appears and I answerd with yes.

    Now all system connections including the favourite pakages were in new Workspace! Afterwards i noticed that there are more files/folders under each system connection. The list starts with

    - favourite pakage and

    - systemlib

    followed by new folders like

    - .adt

    - .settings

    and files like


    - .Project

    - .wingui

    Can I anyhow fading out this new folders/files?

    The view would be more cleary, without these folders/files - because you do not need this entrys for daily work!

    Thanks a lot.

    Best regards


  • Hello Thomas,

    thanks a lot for your tip!

    Now it works perfectly! In the Option "Customizie View..." i have marked the Filter ".* ressources" and now all looks like perfect!

    Thanks a lot for all supporters!

    Best regards