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Fiori HCM Apps Pre-requisites

Please note new versions of HR apps on EHP7 are released.


In this blog, I am sharing my experience with Fiori HCM Implementations. There were many confusions on the prerequisites and questions raised on – why Fiori? Is ESS/MSS required for HR Fiori applications? and many. Here I am sharing my learnings on the prerequisites required.


Let me tell you one thing. Fiori has nothing to do with your portal configurations, with your custom webdynpro or any customizations done on portal. It has no relation with ess/mss. If ESS/MSS is already implemented on your landscape. No need to redo any configurations. Because this means that your HCM usecases are already functionally configured like OM, Time/leave eREC, Profiles , HR->Finance , Payroll etc.


Fiori applications are role based applications and some of the main roles are Employee and Manager Roles which comes under HCM module.

In order to start with HCM applications below are the prerequisites. (To Try HCM Fiori applications, visit SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition)


To Check available HCM apps. Go to Fiori Apps Library


Sometime people may face loss of data and they just implement basis addons and implement all mandatory notes. But the main thing is functional data and from HR perspective below possible configurations should already exist in the system.


Pre-Check for Fiori HCM applications


  • My Leave Requests
  • My Paystubs
  • My Benefits
  • My Timesheets
  • My Travel Requests


  1. Employee – Manager relationship is maintained
  2. Employees are configured as ESS and MSS users
  3. ESS and MSS is not mandatory but customer is able to executeTime/Leave/ Any HCM scenarios in backend system
  4. PERNR is assigned to Employee and Manager User-id
  5. Organizational Management is setup
  6. HR Employee Master data is maintained
  7. Absence management is configured
  8. SAP Time Approval process is configured
  9. The approver (manager) of the person must be in the same organization.
  10. Backend cycle is executed perfectly: say Employee raises a leave request and this goes to assigned Manager.
  11. Data entry Profile is configured for Timesheet applications
  12. Position/Organization Unit is assigned to the  employees.


How to check Manager for employee?

Go to t-code:  PTARQ

Click on “Determine Approver” under Set Up.


In Next screen: Enter the Personnel Number of employee and execute.


If you are not aware of the PERNR of employee. Go to SE16.

  • Ø Enter table name as PA0105

Where 0105: Communication Info type


Give user-id as employee user-id




Take the PERNR and enter in the figure: 2



14. For Approval Apps : Workflow should be configured. Below are the approval applications from HR and Finance.

  • Approve Travel requests
  • Approve Leave requests
  • Approve Travel expenses

15. For Approve Timesheets : Workflow is not required, as the app works on Data entry profile/OADP framework. Please visit below link on setting up   “Approve timesheets” app by Sagar Mehta

How to setup Fiori Approve Timesheet Application

Some more applications from HR space which are available today :

For pre-requisites from technical architecture : Visit each app features and Configurations related to it.

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Feel free to add more pre-requisites which you feel can be added 🙂

Cheers !!

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