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ERMS Configuration Guides and Documentation

Many customers have asked where they can find the latest information, presentations, and configuration guides for E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS) for SAP CRM. So I’ve put together the following, hopefully comprehensive, list:

Configuration Guides

  • SAP Note 940882 (ERMS FAQ Note) that contained links to two presentations: an ERMS Overview presentation and an ERMS How-To Guide.
  • Article, “How to Set Up Threading in ERMS” by Sigrid Wieshofer
  • Updated ERMS Configuration Guide created by Amrish Singh, a Senior CRM Solution Consultant with UCS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. This updated guide is based on CRM 7.0 and includes up-to-date screens shots and instructions. **Please note that the information provided by Amrish is not part of SAP standard documentation and it is thus not a matter of or covered by SAP standard support.
  • Advanced Inbound Email Handling by Christian Drumm (how to forward emails from personal Microsoft Outlook accounts so that the emails can be processed by SAP CRM ERMS, including auto-response to original senders)

SAP Help Portal: Setting Up ERMS

Best Practices


  • SAP Note 1516469 E-Mails do not reach Agent Inbox, Container:ACTIONS is empty, Empl. and Group Responsible not filled
  • KBA 1823519 E-Mails in CRM: how to figure out the right component for SAP Note/KBA search
  • KBA 1846041 How to analyze why an ERMS inbound E-Mail is not found in the agent inbox
  • KBA 1850076 ERMS inbound E-Mails: Error when processing node ‘0000000004’ (ParForEach index 000000) – no agents could be determined
  • KBA 2086590 CRM IC: HTML content, attachment or images are not shown, when displaying an E-Mail
  • KBA 1861686 ERMS: Out of office reply to an Auto acknowledgement causes a loop
  • KBA 2146063 Problems related to triggering escalation E-Mails when using the ERMS inbound E-Mail workflow
  • KBA 2597668 Preventing issues during ERMS inbound e-mail processing by assigning required authorization to workflow user

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