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Agentry Support News (July 2015)

To All SAP Agentry/SMP 3.0 users,

SAP Global Services and Support (GSS – One Service) tries to be proactive in knowledge sharing to the customers.

Based on some internal and external discussion with customers, partners and SAP consultants, general knowledge on what is known may be needed to be provided to prevent additional wasted work being done by customers or system integrators or users to prove that an issue exists.

  • The goal of the Agentry Support News (X-Month Year) is to make the customer know what issues and fixes are in the pipeline based on the given date
  • By knowing what is known, this proactively helps the customer or users of Agentry (in SMP 3.0) know what are the known issues to mitigate the time spent on analyzing and proving to SAP that an issue exist as the issue is already known and the fix forthcoming
  • There is no need to let SAP know of the issue (or no need to open an incident) – this will save precious time for both user/customer/partner and SAP
  • The forthcoming fix will be targeted on a newer release based on the specified current release below (It may be the next Patch Level or Patch Level +N or SP Level)

Current Date: 7/20/2015

Current SP Release Runtime: (Agentry Server – SMP): SMP 3.0 SP08

Current SP Release SDK: (Agentry Editor and Clients): SMP 3.0 SP09

Disclaimer: The data in here may change without notice and due care is required when referencing it. Do not use the data in here as reference when purchasing software, hardware or services in SAP or external parties. Some of the data may be purposely removed as it may be tied to new features that are not readily to be shared publicly and may only be shared in major announcement or official documentation. An actual date of release will not be provided to safeguard SAP in presenting a date. Not all known issues and fixes will be presented in this news article.

SAP Global Support proactively tries to partner with SAP users/customers/partners to generate information that can be shared to improve our software and services. We as the community of SAP users need to help each other by sharing the known fixes and knowledge to help strengthen the bond and speed of innovation.

Reactive to proactive, SAP support is best in class.

Before: Customers have a problem (issue) and need to ask SAP – Is this a known issue?


Now (Agentry Support News – Month – Year): Helping the customer not to report an issue when the fix is forthcoming


Blog Rule: Any question about more details on the data below, you may respond to this blog. Keep it only to the subject header presented (do not ask for dates or version numbers as those can change or anything outside what is listed). For example, if you need more information on a line item specify the reference number and title, the author of this article may respond when available. Any other details you may refer to the disclaimer above.

Data as of July 20, 2015:


Issues with forthcoming fixes
[Reference-3366] – Agentry Successful Login
  Action does not work in SMP 3.0
[Reference-3859] – Complex Table Tree
  picker selects values too early and no way to cancel – WPF client
[Reference-3936] – Error in Message
  Action Step (Using OpenUI)
[Reference-4242] – WPF-Scrolling down and
  then up on Complex Table Search dialog causes the “-NONE-” entry to
  have values in fields that were initially (and supposed to be) blank
[Reference-4245] – Complex Table Drop
  Down controls are empty on WPF
[Reference-4359] – WPF client button
  label by rule does not refresh
[Reference-4364] – Typing into Android
  string field is not reflected on the screen
[Reference-4546] – Incorrect screen
  animation invoked by OpenUI
[Reference-4789] – Google Maps in an HTML
  control on WPF client does not display special characters
[Reference-4867] – Hyperlink Style on WPF
[Reference-4922] – Half-width Japanese
  characters are only partially displayed
[Reference-4923] – Android Branded client
  crashes when switching networks
[Reference-5209] – Transactions
  unnecessarily orphaned during collection replacement
[Reference-5218] – Close stale sockets
  after server timeout value is met
[Reference-5231] – Backend-initiated
  lockouts don’t work
[Reference-5233] – User is able to delete
  main screen set via Compare view
[Reference-5319] – Add Support for
  Teamshare Session Logging
[Reference-5523] – iOS client opens HTTPS
  URLs externally instead of HTML Control
[Reference-5628] – Team Share – Export by
  tag does not import all changed values
[Reference-5699] – Team Share – Updated
  images overridden after publish
[Reference-5714] – WPF crashes when
  displaying tile list (disconnectedItem)
[Reference-5715] – WPF platform caption
  doesn’t update on screensets
[Reference-5717] – Android client crashes
  with an overlay view in landscape mode
[Reference-5784] – Team Share – Renamed
  property treated as new property after update
[Reference-5912] – Background sending in
  transmit hangs WPF client
[Reference-5928] – “Close the screen
  set that the user is leaving” is working inconsistently
[Reference-6017] – Android toolbar
  disappears after rotating device with Agentry in the background
[Reference-5208] – Unable to delete
  Agentry Production versions from SMP
[Reference-5256] – Sending Client Info
  message takes a very long time on initial transmit [Timer Implementation]
[Reference-5421] – (Linux Server)
  Simultaneous login results in double deletion of TimeZone data
[Reference-5869] – Agentry server fails
  to communicate with SQL backend on SUSE
[Reference-5909] – Server instability
  with a particular SAP customer implementation

We hope by sharing this knowledge, you the customer may be able to save time and effort and continue to innovate to speed up configuration and deployment.

We may blog another Agentry Support News in the future with new data. Please stay tune.

Have a great day.

Mark Pe

SAP Platinum Support Engineer

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      Author's profile photo Kevin Xu
      Kevin Xu

      A good summary, thanks for the sharing.

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      Tahir Öz

      As consultant perspective above informations should known. Thanks for sharing

      - Tahir