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Macro – Using Auxiliary Row

This macro will give you an overview how to use auxiliary row in a macro. Auxiliary table is used to retain intermediate results for calculations. This means we can collect data for calculation in the background while interactive planning.

We will define a macro which will calculate absolute value by comparing two key figures (basically %). This will hold the value in an “auxiliary key figure”. Thereafter we will write condition if “auxiliary key figure” is greater then 25 then color of one key figure changes to red else it will be green. For this we will use mathematical function ABS & function CELL_BG.

Write a default macro as shown below where data is stored in auxiliary key figure and then compared to absolute number through operator/function.

Macro 1.JPG

Let’s see the result of the macro. As we can see below if the difference between production forecast & composite forecast is greater then 25% then cell becomes red else it turns green. Though we don’t see any other key figure but this being done with help of auxiliary key figure.

Macro 1.JPG

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