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Modeling of Composite Provider in HANA studio (BWMT- CP)

of Composite Provider in HANA studio (BWMT- CP)

At HANA studio Level (BW Modelling Tool

After login to Hana studio, go to BW modeling (if it not available you need to install BWMT. To do that go help in menu bar, install update give click add. Now you can few addons, select the check box BW modelling)

Go to Info area folder where you want to create the composite and right on the composite provider folder>select New>Composite Provider.

You will be having below prompt, fill with Technical Name in the NAME field and Description. Select root Operation radio button as per your requirement. In my example used Union.


After u click on finished, you will be able to find the below screen.


Now you are in the General Tab, here you can find the two check box. One can enable or checked to use this composite provider as External HANA View and other one is to enable this composite provider to make available for re-use in another composite provider.

Click on the Scenarios for Graphical modeling.


Move on the cursor over the Union Graphical icon which highlight the database cylinder
Click on it to add the object. Here u can see along with database cylinder icon we have info
set and delete icon.


We can see the Graphical area source and target is empty



We can search the object select the object and click ok. In my case object means DSO, but object means anything like Master data info object, DSO’s, Info sets, Multi Providers and Composite providers


Once the object is added you can find the source column is filled with fields which are from the object those contained.


Right click on the object in the source as shown and click on create assignments. All the fields which are present in the source will be mapped to target. You can add required fields from particular object by selecting the each field and move into target. (Use ctrl to select multiple select and drag drop into target)


For adding one more object you have to follow the same procedure by clicking on cylinder icon and select the required object and click ok. You will able see as below once you done with this step.


And create assignments.



The Common fields from both Objects are mapped automatically and unique fields will present with map to it respective source object. 


In this way you can add the few object, if you add more object, the performance degrades.It recommended not use more than 10 objects in one composite provider.


If you want to add join condition using other objects,  then right click on the Union and select Join
with.. or you click on /wp-content/uploads/2015/07/q_749933.pngwill get below pop and click on ok



You make left outer Join and inner, Default it takes inner Join.




Madhukar M

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice post.

      Author's profile photo MD NAUSHAD ANSARI

      Very Good Explanation...

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for sharing the document .


      I have a question here , when we add a JOIN which is mapped to UNION ( as shown in below picture) , I am getting error "JOIN CONDTITION MISSING FOR JOIN J1".


      Untitled picture.png

      Please let me know where I am missing the join condition .




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      After creating JOIN CONDITON FIELD .. error got fixed ...

      Author's profile photo Shivam Sharma
      Shivam Sharma

      How did you created a join condition field, please let me know because iam facing the same issue.

      Author's profile photo Erdem Uren
      Erdem Uren

      Hi , why we see only classical data store objects when we add provider..

      in my system i just see classical dso too.

      Author's profile photo Loed Despuig
      Loed Despuig

      Hi guys,



      Just want to ask if this is possible in Hana Studio?


      For example, I have these fields:




      STATION__CUSTOMER (nav attribute of STATION)







      Is it possible to join the STATION__CUSTOMER to CUSTOMER field in Hana Studio? In tcode RSLIMOBW I can do it, I don't know if that's also possible in Hana Studio..Tried and searched for ways but still no luck..


      Thank you..



      Author's profile photo Lourdes Raj
      Lourdes Raj

      Can you try creating a composite provider (CK1) just for DSO1 with STATION__CUSTOMER (nav attribute of STATION) checked.

      You can use theĀ  (CK1) in another composite provider and join with DSO2.

      Author's profile photo Saravanan A
      Saravanan A

      Nice document Thanks.


      Please let me know below scenario is possible in BW modelling tools from hana studio


           Join of 2 DSO's which result in J1.


           Then I want to do union of J1 with another DSO.

      SDN Link : Re: Union of Join between 2 objects in composite providers




      Author's profile photo Divij Kishore K
      Divij Kishore K

      Hello All,

      I am trying to add a new field in the composite provider. It is not allowing me to add it in the target scenario.

      The issue is similar to that mentioned in the thread

      Can someone help me with this ?