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Tuple Hierarchy Maintenance In SAP MDM

Tuple Hierarchy Maintenance

We are about to replace a Hierarchy Table with multi valued Hierarchy.By this approach we are not required to link the least node of the hierarchy in the main table. No need of separate two different inbound loads to MDM system from Source system. We can save much and more memory.the search will be similar to hierarchy drill down in Main table. Let see the overall steps one by one.

Steps for creating Tuple Hierarchy

We are going to create a Tuple hierarchy table with 4 levels, each level has Code and Description. So create 4 lookup flat tables and please note we need to mention both code and description as Display field.

Incase if code and description is not created with Display field, then we can’t create compound field in Inbound Map.

  • Create 4 lookup Flat Tables (level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4).

  • Data Structure of all lookup flat tables is Code and Desc.
  • Display field is enabled for all lookup Flat tables in the MDM.

  • Please maintain Code 2 Desc2 in the other lookup Flat tables.
  • Create a Tuple Multi Valued table, which will be later linked to Main Table.

  • The Data structure of the Tuple is as mentioned below.
  • Level 1

  • Level 2


  • Level 3

  • Level 4

  • L1 field is mapped to Level 1 lookup Flat and the L2 is linked to Another Tuple table.
  • Now Create a Main Table where we need to link the first Tuple table into that.

  • Now Start the Repository with Update indices and open the Import Manager for creating inbound Map.

Inbound Map Creation:

  • Import the delimited text file as per to create the inbound map.
  • Choose the Source and destination table.
  • Now map the fields of Source file to Destination table as mentioned below.

  • Now we need to create Compound field and map to the destination Tuple field.

  • We have to create all 4 level compound fields and all of them will be automatically mapped to the required destination field.
  • Once the compound field created you can see all the 4 fields in the Source field Pane.

  • Choose the MDIS Unmapped Value handling as “Add” for all 4 levels of hierarchy.

  • Now we need to configure the matching field of Tuple, as per the below option.

  • The Replace option is generally to make the hierarchy sync with source system updates.

  • Choose the Matching field and save the map.
  • Create the Port for auto processing and start the auto load from the source system.
  • Once the data processed successfully, the hierarchy structure will be as mentioned below.

Syndication of Hierarchy to Target system:

  • Now the Target system may require parent and node id information, this can be achieved by the help of Middle-ware system.

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    • Hi Jun,

      In case there is any change in Hierarchy in the source system, the same will be get update in MDM without creating a Duplicate entry.

      Just imagine you have a hierarchy table and there is a delta load from source system, then you must delete manually the old records from hierarchy or block the old record as per to avoid duplicates.

      But by using this approach the duplicates will be avoidable and major advantage of this approach is with a single load you can create a Hierarchy and same will be linked to the main table records. Were in case you use hierarchy table then you must use two separate loads from source ( 1 for hierarchy and 1 for main table for linking both tables).

      Now Search feasibility in Main table ( no major difference you will see compare to Tuple Multi valued Hierarchy and general Hierarchy).



      • hierarchy change, i mean, A             A

                                               |_B           |___B

                                               |___C              |___C

        how you will change your main record?

        why two load is a big deal???

        what duplicate you are trying to avoid?

        • Hi Jun,

          Kindly let me know does the below example is your question related to update process of Hierarchy in MDM Tuple Hierarchy.

          If Yes, then please find the answer in the below two steps ( hierarchy and Tuple).

          Below screen shot is generally for creation of Hierarchy from source system record.

          Now the below screen shot explains the update process

          So if we use Tuple Multivalued Hierarchy then it will be helpful for Hierarchy maintenance within MDM.



          • you are saying nothing.... you are just repeating my requirement.

            if hierarchy change, how you find those main record and do the update?

          • Hello Jun,

            The document is about Auto job, in-case you need to update levels of hierarchy for particular record of Main table, the below options will assist you.

            1) Update the Hierarchy nodes in Source system, later the changes will be updated automatically via map mentioned in the document*.

            * please try the solution in your sandbox and raise the concern if any related to update of hierarchy node.

            2) You can search the concern record in Main Table of Data manager via Free form search or drill down search of Tuple and change the nodes manually.

            3) If changes has to be done for multiple records of Main table then you can use Import Manager to achieve this.



          • I am very sorry for not able to satisfy with my answer. One more request if you elaborate your requirement more clear then i will try. Because the documented solution is implemented in real time and it will be easy for every MDM developer if they try the scenario in practical.



          • how can you ask me to manually change the main record when you change the hierarchy????

            do you have any idea??????  how many records need to be changed?

            I believe your "idea" is real, but it is very BAD solution......