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Tips, Experience and Lessons Learned from multiple HANA projects(TELL @ HANA – PART 4)

Hello All,


Its been some time that I have been working in HANA and related areas like SLT, Lumira, Fiori and so on.

So thought of sharing some topics here, which would be handy.


Disclaimer :

1) This series is exclusively for Beginners in HANA and all those HANA experts here, please excuse me

2) These are some Solutions/Observations that we have found handy in our projects and am quite sure there would be multiple ways to derive the same result.

3) These series of documents are collaborative in nature. So please feel free to edit the documents,wherever required!

4) All the points mentioned here is observed on HANA systems whose revision is >= 82.


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34) Related to HANA

Use Case: We were unable to access/open the Catalog Folder of our HANA instance and the following error message was appearing.



Solution: We had raised the issue with SAP Internal Support.

And as of their observation: all HDB processes were online and there wasn’t any obvious reason for an error.As a Quick fix, they restarted the HANA DB and

the error was solved.(our’s was a Demo System anyway)

Note: Some related Discussions –>

35) Related to HANA Studio:

Use Case: We had to uninstall the Existing version of HANA Studio.


Got to Control Panel –> Uninstall the HANA Studio.


The Lifecycle Manager will ask you to enter the HANA Studio installation instance(in our case; it was 0)


After entering 0, you will get the following screen:


By pressing any key, you will get the message that the HANA studio version is successfully uninstalled.

36) Related to HANA

Use Case: At times, while navigating through the HANA Contents, we come across the across the following message(Contains Hidden Objects).



Go to the Preferences –> HANA –> Modeler –> Content Presentation –> Check ‘Show all Objects’.



Now the hidden objects will be displayed:


37) Related to HANA SQL

Some Useful SQL Commands:

a) Renaming a column of an already existing Table:

RENAME COLUMN “<Schema_Name>”.”<Table_Name>”.”<Old_Column_Name>” to “<New_Column_Name>”

b) Adding a new column to an already existing Table:

ALTER TABLE “<Schema_Name>”.”<Table_Name>” ADD (<New_Column_Name> <DataType>)

c) Update a Column Entry:

UPDATE “<Schema_Name>”.”<Table_Name>” SET  “<Column_Name>” = ‘<New_Entry>’ where “<Column_Name>” = ‘<Old_Entry>

d) IF Function:

If(“Status”= ‘Completed Successfully’,’0′,if(“Status”= ‘In progress’,’1′,if(“Status”= ‘Withdrawn’,’2′,’?’)))



38) Related to HANA Studio:

Use Case: We got the following error while previewing an HANA Analytical view:

Message: [6941] Error Executing Physical Plan : AttributeEngine: this operation is not implemented for this attribute.


Solution: The above error message point towards a field named CMPLID.

On careful observation, it was found that the CMPLID has different data types in the connected attribute views and the Fact table in the following analytic view.


Related SAP Note: 1966734 – Workaround for “AttributeEngine: this operation is not implemented for this attribute type” error


39) Related to HANA:

Use Case: How to find the Schema Owners?




40) Related to HANA:

Use Case: How to provide specific authorizations to some limited tables within a schema?

Solution: Object Privileges –> Schema Name –> Right Click –> Add catalog objects –> Provide the specific table names.



Hope this document would be handy!

41) Related to sFIN

Use Case: The definition of HANA Calculation View BANKSTATEMENTMONITOR is not correct after migration to SAP Simple Finance, on-premise editon 1503.

The expected definition of HANA view after migration is something like the following:


Unfortunately due to a program error, the view definition after migration will still look something like the following:


Solution: We had raised this issue with the support/development team and they have now released the following new OSS note.

2205205 – Bank Statement Monitor: Definition Correction of HANA Calculation View BANKSTATEMENTMONITOR

After following the manual activities mentioned in the note, the issue will be resolved.

42) Related to SLT:

An SLT configuration was already created without giving multiple usage option.(You want to switch from 1: 1 to 1: N in already existing SLT configuration)

No we wanted to create a new connection with the same source and a different target, but system was not allowing us to do the same, as we were getting the message that a configuration with the same source is already available.

Solution: NOTE 1898479 – SLT replication: Redefinition of existing DB triggers.

The solution for this issue was explained in the note and the manual steps (1-9) has to be done in the SLT system to solve this.

43) Related to HANA:

While trying to import, we got the following error:

HANA Error.png

Solution: We followed the following Link to solve the issue.

HANA Inactive version error while Object Import – SAP BASIS Tuts

44) Related to HANA Variables:

Controlling Language for Texts:

You have created a variable and in the View/Table for value help, you have provided a text View (a calculation view
created for key and text). Later when your prompt screen comes up, you realize that texts for all languages are shown in the list.
The following option would be handy:

45) Related to HANA Input Parameters:

For meeting the ‘ALL’ option in HANA input parameter, this would be handy:

Will keep adding more points here…



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