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Purchase Orders Approval Using SAP Fiori

I am sharing my recent experience with SAP Fiori. There are 200+ apps that have been delivered on SAP. SAP Fiori enable you to use your tablet, iphone or any Android phone to access SAP applications.


Approve Purchase Orders, you can view pending purchase orders and approve them. If necessary, you can forward approvals to a different employee for further processing.

Key Features

  • You can search for specific purchase orders.
  • You can display details for each purchase order, for example, the line items with detailed information, such as account assignment and conditions.
  • You can approve or reject purchase orders, and you can forward them to a colleague.


  1. Configuration of release strategy is done with Workflow
  2. Fiori Add-On Components are installed on your system
  3. You also need SAP Gateway to use add-on component as O data service

Configuration Requirement

SAP Fiori Inbox on SAP workflow tasks assigned to user in his SAP inbox. You can also check pending requests available in SWBP transaction.

SPRO–>Materials Management–>Purchasing–>Purchase Order–>Approve Purchase Order App

I used Standard Workflow Task-TS20000166

In this Customizing activity, you can specify the workflow tasks that are used for approving purchase orders in SAP ERP.  You must do this to enable the approval workflow in the Approve Purchase Orders app.


  • If you are using the user interface software component UIAPP002 from the add-on FIORI PURCHASEORDAPPR 1.0,  this Customizing activity is not relevant.
  • If you have previously used the user interface software component UIAPP002, you have performed Customizing steps in the Gateway system under SAP NetWeaver -> Gateway Service Enablement -> Content -> Task Gateway Service -> Scenario Definition.  This Customizing is no longer relevant if you are now using the user interface software component UIX01EAP. However, you do not need to delete this Customizing.


You are using the user interface software component UIX01EAP from the add-on FIORI ERP APPLICATIONS  X1.


To find the workflow tasks you need to enter in this Customizing activity, proceed as follows:

    1. Start transaction SWETYPV.
    2. Find a line to which the following applies:
  • The ObjectType is BUS2012 (purchase order).
  • The checkbox Type linkage active is selected.

3. Copy the entry for Receiver Type in the same line to your clipboard.

4. Start the Workflow Builder (transaction SWDD).

5. Enter the content of the clipboard into the Workflow field and press ENTER. In the Navigation Area, you see a list of steps.

Approval Steps

1. Log on the website link using any browser or configure your Fiori App on your Android system

2. Enter Username and password


3. Scroll down to “Buyer” Section and Click “Approve Purchase Orders” logo


4. Select the Purchase Order number on Left side to look into details


You can also see the items details such as Price, Discount and any other information.


Now user have option to click on “Approve” Button or “Reject” Button or “Forward” button.

Approver can also maintains his comments while approving the purchase order and these comments get maintained in the purchase order header level text


Back-Text PO approval notes is maintained.


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  • Hello Jagdeep,

    Thanks for sharing the information. I know that SAP Fiori is also cloud based sap system and we are using it for booking hours currently. Fiori will be used for P2P Business process for both stock and non stock items procurement (IM Purchases including services) Or only for IM Purchases. So it is similar to Ariba? Can you let me know the main difference between Ariba and Fiori. Can you share any information on this piece.



    • SAP Fiori is not separate component as SAP Ariba, SAP Fiori use existing procurement infrastructure. You can use if for Materials as well as services as it fetch the data from SAP R/3 only. SAP Gateway enable R/3 to share the data using O-data services. You have to have SAP Gateway. SAP FIori you can have it as Cloud solution or In-house solution depending hardware or hardware infra requirement.

      SAP Fiori is pre-fabricated Apps installed on you R/3 and SAP Gateway. I hope this answer your questions.

      Also SAP Fiori APPs and Gateway can be add on existing SAP R/3.

      Ariba have its own database for P2P processes where SAP Fiori is just set of programs and it does not have any database.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the documents and knowledge shared.

    However i have an issue which i will like to share.

    I have implemented the po app for approval and in fiori am getting the purchase oder displayed in my group for approve.

    However when i approve the po in fiori i expect it to go to the next agent for approval defined in my release strategy but it doesnt,it just shows empty but i discovered that just before the approval if i login as the second agent in fiori  i see the order which is strange.

    In the business workplace of the second agent i see for workflow item but when i log into fiori i dont see it.

    Kindly advice me on what to do


  • Hello Jagdeep ,


    I am not getting the text auto populated to PO header once I approve the PO in Fiori .


    I have maintained the Configurations also for F18 text .


    Is there any BADI involved for the text to be copied once the approver adds the comments in the Fiori system to be automatically populated to The PO Header Text .


  • Approval and Rejection Notes- if you still have questions- please ask your questions in Q&A instead of blog comments, there is even a dedicated tag for the Fiori App Approve Purchase Orders

    If text type "F18" does not yet exist, you must create it in Customizing for Materials Management under Start of the navigation path Purchasing  Next navigation step Purchase Order Next navigation step  Texts for Purchase Orders Next navigation step  Define Text Types for Header Texts End of the navigation path. You have to enter the Sequential Number "18".

    If your company already uses text type "F18" for a different purpose, you can use the BAdI Extend Runtime of Gateway Service for Approve Purchase Orders App (GBAPP_APV_PO_RDP), method SET_ATTRIBUTES, to use a different text type to store the notes. This BAdI is available in Customizing for Materials Management under Start of the navigation path Purchasing  Next navigation step Purchase Order Next navigation step  Approve Purchase Orders App Next navigation step  BAdI: Change Data of Approve Purchase Orders App 


    • Hello Jagdeep

      I have a problem with the inbox Approve Purchase Order. I cancelled 3 PO, went I go to mi Inbox Approve Purchase Order and I saw the 3 PO cancelled with value 0. How can I do to erase in the inbox this 3 PO???

  • Hello Jagdeep,


    What about Service type PO & Scheduling agreement PO i.e (PO type "K" & "L"). These PO are not reflecting in Fiori aap.Will u please help me..

  • Service Type PO will have same approval like any other approval of the PO.

    Purchasing Contract Approval is a different app -- Helpful document

    2607926 - Scheduling Agreement approval through Fiori My Inbox-- Check if this note help