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Proposed Features for Analysis office Next Release

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Analysis Office and currently I am working on version 1.4. I have read about the new features which are coming in 2.0 SP1 version.

So apart from this I have some more points regarding the new features for next release of Analysis Office.

  1. New Characteristic : While we create the workbook many times we have to create a new values based on the existing characteristics, it may be from single or multiple characteristic. Like “Plant” + “Material” combination, or taking the first N char of “Material”. As we have to do this manually or we have to write Macro to fill the entire series. Can we have this features in Analysis Office itself.
  2. Lookup in Cross-tab : We have to write the lookup formulas to get some fields from other cross-tab, can we have this features where instead of giving the lookup range in sheet we can have the lookup range in Cross-tab.
  3. Client Out-of-memory : Many times we face the issue Client Out of memory due to the large amount of data, can we have the solution like suppose the query result give the output of 5 million cells so system splits it in 5 by giving the 5 output as 1st 1 million records, 2nd 1 million records like this. And we will have the option to choose data and we can place it in multiple sheets/file and later we can merge it. In this way we don’t have to manually restrict data.
  4. GUI for Style sheets : Currently its bit complex to find the particular style component and change the formatting, instead of this can we have the option in context menu over cross-tab cells where it shows which style component it is and there only we can change the formatting which will be applicable for the entire cross tab.

Please correct me and let me know if these features are available already and how to use them.

Thanks & Regards

Vijayendra Suryawanshi

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