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Program to check the dependency Queries where same calculated/Restricted Key Figure are used.

I have created an Automation Tool (ABAP-BI Program) to find
out the Overall Query name where same Calculated and Restricted Key Figures are


This program will help to identify all query name where we
need to amend / changes on the existing CKF/RKF so that we can check the
dependency queries in advance and be careful before any changes.


Recently we have faced the same issue in Production that someone
has changed the structure of CKF Z_SUM_RV in X Queries and it’s impacted to all
others query.

Please see the details below:


Go to SE38 Tcode and Put Program Name: “ZFIND_KF_QUERY”. And
Execute it.

CASE 1: Use Calculated Key figure:->


Step 1:–> Selection Screen: Put CKF: Z_SUM_REV. Then execute this program.


Step 2: Output comes as follows:


CASE 2: Use Restricted Key figure:–>


Step 1: Selection Screen: Put RKF: Z_APRIL_ACTUAL. Then execute this program.


Step 2: Output comes as follows:–>


Please find the attached ABAP Code:

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