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We can add the jobs under projects by dragging them into project folder(From object library to project area)


But if we have hundreds of jobs its painful to add each job by dragging into project folder.

so by using below steps we can add the jobs under projects at a time if we have many jobs also.

Step 1 :

Take the list of job details in excel(Which you want to add under project) and remove duplicates and append comma(,) end of every row(end of job name in every row) except last row,append semi colon (;)end of last row.


Step 2 :

Export the Project under which you want to add job names.


Step 3:

Edit the exported ATL in notepad and add the job names in ATL and save it.


Step 4: Import saved ATL into Repository and open the project you will get the new jobs under project.


We can save the time by using this method to add hundreds of jobs under project.

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