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  1. Dirk Venken

    Why don’t you simply select the jobs you want export??? Use ctrl-click or shift-click to select them.

    Alternatively, you can manually create a project in DS Designer, add the selected jobsto that project and export it.

    Note that tampering with export files is not supported by SAP!!!

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Dirk,

      Consider the scenario.

      In one of our repository, We have 1200+ jobs, Now when are given with 150 job names to export, hand-picking them one by one to send to export basket is tedious work.

      Instead, we edit one project ATL to include 150 job names, import that ATL, and export the project having 150 jobs.

      1. Dirk Venken

        If you really have 1200+ jobs, you should have a look at the work flow concept.

        If I get the choice between typing in 150 job names or selecting them by just clicking on them…


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