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Sales Kit Process Flow

A single selling unit comprising of various components is called a sales kit. The various component of the sales kit are called sales kit item.

Sales Kit.jpg

By reading this document you will see an example on how you can set this scenario on your system, how you will execute it, some common issues which you may face.

1. Master Data
2. Executing the Scenario
3. References
4. Common Issues

1. Master Data

1.A Create a Sales Kit

Create a sales kit in the Product and Service Portfolio work center by choosing the New Sales Kit common task. The sales kit you create here is the parent item which will be sold to the customer.

1. B Add sales kit item

a. In the Product and Service Portfolio work center navigate to the Sales Kit Item List view.
b. Click New and select Sales Kit Item List.

c. Add products, quantity save it

d. Activate the sales kit item list

Note :

  • You can also create a sales kit item list while creating the sales kit.
  • Only one active sales kit item list can exist for a single sales kit.
  • Service product will not be available for selection as kit item.
  • There is no limit of sub-items that can be added to a Sales Kit.
  • You cannot add a Sales Kit into a Sales Kit item. (only single explosion is supported).

2. Executing the scenario

2. 1  Create a sales order with a sales kit as a line item and release to customer demand.

2. 2 Release from customer demand.

Note :

  • You can release the confirmed schedule lines only for the sales kit and not for individual sales kit items.
  • Forced confirmation, cancel confirmation , Temporarily Switch Off Complete Delivery, Check availability action is available only for the sales kit and not for individual sales kit items.

2.3 You post the goods issue in one step directly or use the task support, the outbound delivery is processed.

2.4 Create and release the customer invoice document.

3. References

the Help Center you can find the following document which can be followed when setting or executing this scenario:

Sales Kit Quick Guide

Sales Kit Process Flow

Create a Sales Kit

4. Common Issues

Following are the scenarios currently not supported with sales kit item

1. Project Stock order.

2. Third party Order.

3. Intercompany scenario.

4. Sales kit is also not supported for purchasing.

5. Price (E. g. Discount) and Tax are relevant only on sales kit header.

6. Reason for rejection is disable for sub-items.

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      Author's profile photo Eduardo Penafiel
      Eduardo Penafiel

      It would be really helpfull to support the Sales Kits in the thrid party order scenario.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      For this to happen sales kit should be supported in purchase order as well. This item is in backlog for development and guess this will supported in future.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      It would be much better to use sale kit item in the purchase order and intercompany .

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, this if purchase is activated we can have all the possible below scenario

      1. Third party intercompany

      2. Intercompany third party

      3. Intercompany 3PL

      4. Third Party

      5. Intercompany

      Author's profile photo Ana Rodriguez
      Ana Rodriguez

      Dear Leo,

      I am looking for a webservice to query the components of the sales kit OR a report that lists the parents and the items. Can you help me with either of these requests?

      Is the Sales Kit object PSM-enabled?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I do not see any standard webservices in 1508 that include sales Kits.  Also a search of the repository explorer also does not yield any results, as such I do not think it is PSM enabled. 

      Also note that Sales kits are not currently supported in the current Manage Salesorders in web service(we have a ticket in on this). although the ATP web calls now does support Sales Kits.

      Author's profile photo Ana Rodriguez
      Ana Rodriguez

      Thanks for your help Billy. Can you clarify what exactly is not supported in the Manage Salesorderin webservice? I was able to pass in a "parent" item on the xml request file and the Sales Order with a bundle was created

      xml file.JPGso created.JPG

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Strange SAP told us this....

      Our Development Team found the issue. The problem is with item tag mentioned below:

          <BuyerID>3 </BuyerID>
           <ProductID>050234117203 </ProductID>
           <UnitOfMeasure>EA </UnitOfMeasure>
          <Quantity unitCode="EA">1</Quantity>

      Product 050234117203 is a sales kit product and you cannot add such products in webshop integration. We do not support kit products. Please remove this item or product and then it will work fine.

      we explained that this needed to work and then they Responded with this

      I checked again with our Development team. They assure me this functionality has never existed in the system hence we cannot do anything about it, as of now.

      However there is a possible workaround: you may  create sales order by removing item which contains kit product. Then, after sales order gets created, you can edit it and add the

      additional item which contains kit product.

      And the final thing we heard was...

      Currently we are evaluating if this can be included in our 1511 release. Once the development is done we can look at the feasibility of down port to earlier release.

      so maybe it was put into 1508 without us being notified... our dev system is still 1505