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Payroll Control Center – One-Click Monitoring Walkthrough

In this blog post, we will walk you through a complete One-click Monitoring scenario of the Payroll Control Center.

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Sam Miller and his team are responsible for running the payroll in their company.

Sam, the Payroll Process Manager, is responsible for the overall process. He must ensure correctness and timeline (sign that all steps are executed correctly) and has to trigger his team members to resolve issues.

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Linda, Walter, Sarah and Josh, the Payroll Administrators, are in Sam’s team. They are responsible that payroll data quality and payroll calculation for employees is accurate according to defined policies. Each Payroll Administrators is responsible for one policy.

Sam and his team just finished the payroll for June 2015 and are now preparing for the July 2015 payroll.

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From June 24 to July 22 they monitor the payroll data quality.

The One-Click Monitoring process is setup in PCC in such a way, that all steps are executed automatically in case there are no errors.

One-Click Monitoring

Now we are walking you through a complete One-Click Monitoring process. You will see how PCC supports Sam and his team to make sure they get perfect payroll data.

Start One-Click Monitoring

Payroll Process Manager Payroll Administrator View
  • Sam starts the one-click monitoring process “One-Click Monitoring: Monthly Payroll for salaried employees, Headquarter H1” for the payroll period “July 2015” on June 24
029 Monitoring 8.png
  • One-click monitoring process has been started
  • Since it is an active process, it is listed under “Current Processes”
  • Sam can see the following details:
    • The due date is July 22
    • Already 26 errors were found
  • Sam checks the details and clicks on this one-click monitoring process
028 Monitoring 7.png
  • Sam sees who of his team members have currently how many problems to solve
  • PCC assigns all errors automatically to the correct team members
  • Sam scrolls down to see all the KPIs
001 Monitoring 1.png
  • The KPIs tell Sam that currently the payroll data quality is pretty ok (from a higher level perspective)
002 Monitoring 2.png

Error Resolution

Sam and his team are working on solving the incoming errors. The goal is to have no errors at the end of the “one-click monitoring” phase.

Payroll Process Manager Payroll Administrator View
  • Linda sees all the errors that are assigned to her
  • She wants to work on the error “Employees receiving extra money via retro calculation” first
016 Error Management 10.png
  • Linda navigates to the error details
  • She sees a list with three employees that caused this error
  • Already here, Linda can see some details on the error root cause and what solutions exist
008 Error Management 3.png
  • Linda selects the first employee to check some further details
  • From the details Linda can see that this employee got a retroactive salary increase that HR forgot to enter in time
  • By the way: A good validation rule provides enough information that a Payroll Administrator can make a qualified decision
009 Error Management 4.png
  • As this is not an error but everything is ok with this employee, Linda sets this error to resolved
010 Error Management 5.png
  • Linda has to say why she thinks this is not an error and enters a reason for her action
012 Error Management 7.png
  • The error is “set to resolved”
011 Error Management 6.png
  • Linda navigates back to the error overview
  • She has only two errors in this category left
013 Error Management 8.png
  • The error which Linda just did set to resolved appears under “Set to Resolved”
  • This helps Linda in case she did this action by mistake and wants to reset the status
014 Error Management 9.png
  • Immediately after Linda did her action, Sam can see the (positive) result
  • The error count did decrease
015 Monitoring 6.png
  • At the same time, Walter checks his errors
  • He has currently in total 3 errors to work on
017 Error Management 11.png
  • Walter clicks on his worklist and checks the details
020 Error Management 14.png
  • Walter drills down to take a closer look at employee “Bianca Carlssen”
019 Error Management 13.png
  • After some research, Walter documents that he’ll fix the error and has aligned the fix with HR
021 Error Management 15.png
  • Walter selects the solution to correct the Residence Tax Area
022 Error Management 16.png
  • Clicking “Apply Solution” brings Walter to the source where he can apply the change
018 Error Management 12.png
  • After Walter has done the change, he validates if his fix did solve this error
023 Error Management 17.png
  • The system runs the validation rule and Walter is waiting for the result
024 Error Management 18.png
  • Shortly after, Walter can see that his fix did solve this error
025 Error Management 19.png
  • Walter goes back to the overview screen and can see that the recent solved error appears under “Completed”
026 Error Management 20.png

Now, Sam and his team are working on the errors. Every time when there’s a key stroke from HR, the policies are checked and if there’s an error, this error is routed through one of Sam’s team members.

End One-Click Monitoring

At the end of the one-click monitoring phase, the team managed to bring down all errors.

Payroll Process Manager Payroll Administrator View
  • Sam can confirm the one-click monitoring phase and close it
  • This concludes the One-Click Monitoring
027 Monitoring 7.png
  • In the process overview, this One-Click Monitoring process is now completed
030 Monitoring 9.png

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