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Just Released – New Fiori Apps for HCM in Wave 9

Following SAP’s UI strategy, our goal for HCM is to gradually migrate more and more of the HR Renewal functionality to Fiori. With Fiori wave 9, we took another big step in this direction. Today we released two new apps, My Services for the employee role and Team Services for the manager role, with Wave 9 (official name: SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0 SPS02).

In the past, some ESS/MSS services were available in the Fiori Launchpad, others in the HR Renewal Landing Page. Many customers told us that they did not want to roll out two different access points to their employees. The two new apps now enable employees and managers to launch all ESS and MSS services from a single point of access regardless whether the apps are built in SAPUI5 or Webdynpro ABAP.

On the Fiori launchpad, the new tiles look like this.

HCM Fiori Wave 9_2.jpg

1. My Services

With My Services, employees can access all ESS applications regardless whether they are build using SAPUI5 or Webdynpro ABAP (only supported on desktop/laptop). The Fiori My Services app is equivalent to the My Services lane in HR Renewal. Users can either scroll down to a specific app or use the links at the top of the page to directly jump to a certain area.

The Home area of the app offers quick access to pinned items, favorite items, and recently used apps. An administrator can pin an item using the backend launchpad configuration (transaction LPD_CUST). For example, an administrator can pin the Open Enrollment application so that it is easily available to all employees at the top of the app. An enduser can add an app to the Home area by marking it as a ‘favorite’.

HCM Fiori Wave 9_3.jpg

2. Team Services

Similarly, My Team Services provides managers access to all MSS applications regardless whether they are build using SAPUI5 or Webdynpro ABAP (only supported on desktop/laptop). The Fiori My Team Services app is equivalent to the My Team Services lane in HR Renewal.

HCM Fiori Wave 9_4.jpg

3. Common Features of My Services and Team Services

Both apps offer the following key features

  • Provide access to classical self services applications based on other technologies such as SAP Web Dynpro ABAP and SAP UI5
  • Reuse existing backend HR configurations to display on the UI along with the icons maintained for the app in the back-end
  • Allow employees to view items pinned by the administrator using back-end (indicated by ‘pin’ icon)

          HCM Fiori Wave 9_6.jpg

  • Allow employees to mark the apps as favorites (indicated by ‘star’ icon)

        HCM Fiori Wave 9_7.jpg

  • Allow employees to view recently used items (indicated by ‘outlined star’ icon)

          HCM Fiori Wave 9_8.jpg

  • Offer search field to quickly find and directly launch an application

          HCM Fiori Wave 9_12.jpg

Users can personalize the apps via ‘Settings’ and ‘User Preferences’.

HCM Fiori Wave 9_13.jpg

For example, a user can personalize the app by choosing the UI theme including a high contrast black theme.

HCM Fiori Wave 9_14.jpg

Using Settings, a user can hide or display the application icons and application descriptions.

HCM Fiori Wave 9_16.jpg

4. Prerequisites

My Services requires the minimum backend versions

  • AP enhancement package 5 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 3 or higher
  • SAP enhancement package 6 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 1 or higher
  • SAP enhancement package 7 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 2 or higher

Team Services requires SAP enhancement package 7 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS02 or higher.

For more details on system requirements and setup, see

My Services – SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0 SPS 02 – SAP Library

Team Services – SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0 SPS 02 – SAP Library

and SAP note 2181062.

What else is new Wave 9?

In addition to the 2 new apps, wave 9 also delivered an enhancement to the existing HCM Fiori apps enabling concurrent employment/global employment. More about this in my next blog Fiori Wave 9 enabling Concurrent and Global Employment.

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  • Hi Gertrud,

    Thank you so much for this Post. I have activated all the required Odata Service & services in SICF. But still I am not able to view the tiles in Admin login. Is there a new role that we need to assign to the user?

      • Hi Gertrud,

        Thank you for your reply, I did same & can see the tiles. But the tiles still do not work. When I click on both, it says "App cannot be open"



        • Hi Bharti,

          If an app doesn't open, common issues are the system/role assignment. So check the system alias definition and check if necessary roles are assigned.

          Best regards,


          • Hi Gertrud,'

            All Applications are working except these 2 new ones. I created an entry for My Services in LPD_CUST, so now the page opens up, but none of the services are working. Nothing happens when I click on any of those services.

            These services work fine in HR Renewal (NWBC)

            What do I need to do to make these work via Fiori?

            I am currently trying to make Personal Profile work, but not sure how to go about it. Do I need to do some config in My Services Tile?


          • Gertrud,

            We are having the same issue, and through some debugging, it appears application is looking for intent semantic object = EMPLOYEE.  There were no steps in the documentation to create this semantic object, was this semantic object supposed to be there automatically upon installation of the UIHR0001 SP2?

            Attempt was made to add this semantic object manually, but upon attempting to execute application, you receive an error that DUMMY application does not exist.  We have maintained the three DUMMY entries in the proper role and instance within LPD_CUST.

            We have assigned the catalog containing the dummy entries to pfcg role and that is assigned to user.

            We also have configured the various individual applications through HR Renewal and they were working.

            Is there a step we may have missed during the installation to get that EMPLOYEE semantic object?  Or can you think of any other things we could check?

          • Hi Roger,

            It is possible that you missed some steps in the installation. The sematic objects are contained in the view /UI2/V_SEMOBJ which is part of the UI2 basis services layer. It would be good to check if there was an issue in the installation or if there was a problem importing entries into this view.

            Best regards,


  • Hi Gertrud,

    I am happy to see that the Story of HCM apps continues.

    Unfortunately I am facing the same Problem, that the Services don't start.

    I have done the steps  within note 2181062.

    It would be very helpful, if the PDF document could be extended by screenshots for the Actions,  which have to be done in the launchpad designer.

    Thanx in advance


  • Hi Gertrud

    Is the substitution functionality (UI5-App HRMSS_SUBS_G) which is part of the HR Renewal Landing Page also available as Fiori App or is there something similar planned?

    Best Regards


  • Hi Gertrude,

    First off it's great to see this capability being made available via Fiori!

    I have a couple of questions relating to this I'm hoping you can help me with in planning a potential implementation for a customer here in NZ:

    1. From what I can see from the help files the People Profile cannot be used for employees to update their own details, but can the My Services app be used for this purpose instead? (e.g. to update bank account, address etc)
    2. If a form-based process with workflow is configured using HCMPF it seems this can be integrated with the Team Services app > can both managers and employees then approve work items directly from the Team Services app or is the workflow approval done elsewhere (e.g. from the My Inbox app)? And I assume HR Admin can also use the My Inbox app to access the HCMPF work items once approved and ready to be processed?

    Are there any considerations / dependencies we should be aware of when planning an ESS/MSS type rollout using these new Fiori apps?

    Many Thanks, Tony

    • Hi Tony,

      Regarding your questions

      1. Employees can use the My Services app to update their own data.

      2. Approvals would be done from the My Inbox app.

      Best regards,


  • Hello Gertrud, question from a non HCM specialist. If a company use SAP FIori to access ESS and MSS services now, what does it means in terms of backend installation. I understand company doesn't to install a portal anymore, but out of that, is there an other impacts?

    I tried the My Services and Team services in the demo cloud and demonstrate those apps to an SAP Customer. I found it very cool do. But i can't answer them on the impact of choosing one or the other solution.

    Thanks for your light!

    • Hello Daniel,

      The HCM Fiori apps are re-using the Fiori backend configuration. For example, My Leave Requests uses the backend configuration for Leave Types and quotas/entitlements, My Time Timesheet uses the CATS (Cross-Application Time Sheet) data entry profile.

      Best regards,


  • Dear Experts,

    i am new to the topic SAP Fiori.

    I am trying to implement all Fiori HCM Apps. Starting with My Leave Requests (Version 2).

    Is it possible to configurate HCM Apps without ESS? Do we need a ESS Expert to implement the HCM Apps.

    How much time is required for the ESS configuration?

  • Hi Gertrud!

    When do you expect Wave 10 of HCM Firoi Apps and what Apps are included in this Wave?

    Do you have a Draft documentation already in place?

    Thx for any information.

    Best Regards,